Looking for something like a cart

I’m looking for something that will act like a cart in the way of adding items and adding them up to get a total… But instead of a pay now button I want it to just email the added items and total… Is there anything out there that will do this?

Maybe something like this?


@robbeattie I think you got the question wrong. I think Kelly wants something like shopping cart but just for orders to be sent via mail, not with a checkout functionality.
@Kelnixon you could do that either with a shopping cart stack and just set it to “send order” (I think most carts have that option), or you can set up a form with multiple dropdown selection menus or even simple text fields for the amount of items (and the item name would go into the label of that field).

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No, I understood. IIUC the Calc stack can create a form with calculations that can be emailed.

Might not be the right solution of course! :sunglasses:

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Rapidcart Pro has an option to use as a showroom only, ie. it collects order and customer data but don’t hand to a gateway for payment, instead just sending you the order info.

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Ok, I’ll try and put a little more flesh on the bones… I have a restaurant client who have had to resort to a takeaway menu during the Covid lockdown period. The way forward we originally had was to have the menu on the website and you download an order form (word doc) and email back your order form! this seems to have caused some issues with downloading the form on mobiles as people can’t seem to edit the word doc! Anyway, i saw on here some great offers from for Takeaway and PaySnap3 (thank you for these by the way they are awesome) So, after discussing with the client we decided we would use these and pay via PaySnap’s Paypal option… I did most of the menu which is about 60 different items! It looked good, however the client now doesn’t want to use Paypal and would rather have people ring up and pay but have the cart emailed to them! I don’t see this as an option with PaySnap 3 - unless anybody knows any different! Thanks @robbeattie for the suggestion of Calc Stack - I already have Joe’s PI and they both do similar things I guess! I think the calculations will get really complicated with 60 items and different quantities! @therealmf I wish I could find that option on PaySnap 3 as it’s been a joy to work with. @TemplateRepo I do have Rapidcart Pro but I have issues with it and waiting for support for ages… So I kind of dumped it! So, I think it sounds like I need a cart with the setting of ‘Send Order’ on it! Or try Rapid cart pro again! (which I really don’t want to do)

I don’t think RCP will work anyway, not now I know what you really need.

You need a food takeaway system that will work as an ordering system.

You need this: Food Delivery Script | Online Food Ordering System | PHPJabbers

It has exactly what you need…

I’ve used this for a few clients now, works perfectly.

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Ok, that would work yes! But, 125 euros is quite far out of reach at the minute! For both me and the restaurant with the way things are currently. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Not a bother. You will mostly find though that proper solutions, opposed to something bodged together with various stacks, cost about the same. Plus the bodge will take far more time to get working correctly. At least that was my usual experience before moving to external scripts for things like this.

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Yes, you can use RapidCart Pro with offline payment method.
The seller just receives a email with order details.

What issues are you talking about and since when are you waiting for support reply?
We regularly reply to all our support requests.

I know. I said that further up the thread.

I asked for help a few times setting up RapidCart Pro two years ago @rob I never heard back! So, I struggled on with it myself. Managed to get a store up and running after about 3 months of trail and error… I looked back at Rapidcart Pro for this today but I don’t have images for each menu item so cant see that it would work for what I need right now, it’s just a list of takeaway items really.

You can set RapidCart Pro Catalog in list mode to get your products in a menu-like layout.

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Ok, I’ll give it another go… in list mode and ill see if I can find the offline payment method.

Just to add:

I’ve overseen the setup of RapidCart Pro last week for a user of one of my themes, where the ‘direct ordering’ option was used. It worked very well and we were able to do some CSS modifications to the user interface, to make it blend into the existing website more harmoniously. I would say that if you wanted a conventional shopping cart system, but have the orders emailed to you, then @rob’s RapidCart Pro is the best solution available currently.

Another idea is that you could take a forms addon like @barchard’s FormsPlus and use it to build an order form page. It would look and function a bit like a conventional order form. But FormsPlus can split it into multiple steps; like name, contact details, items to order, confirmation, and submit. I don’t think it is possible currently, but if the need arose to have support for checkboxes and + / - quantity fields alongside, I could possibly work with Greg on getting something like this added in a future update.

As a third and final idea, I completed setup of a custom stack for a private client at the end of last year for taking orders on a website for luxury goods. It was a very sophisticated stack that reused some of the CalcStack codebase. Virtually every aspect of it could be modified. And it had some fancy features, like saving the form data between browsing sessions and offering to restore it for a user, when they came back later. Potentially this is something I can look at releasing for others to have access to, if there’s enough demand. But (and this is a big compromise to consider) from the outset this stack was designed only to print / PDF the completed order form. Because this client wanted the customer to have an exact copy of the order, and there was the requirement to collect a signature from the customer. So it would not be feasible to automatically email the completed order form, using a stack like this.


I wish someone would write stacks for Foxy.io. It is extremely flexible and has tons of options. There is a plugin for wordpress that does the job and I have a custom builder made to handle it for my purposes. You can use Foxy through html yourself, but stacks would be super. Foxy Cart

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