Looking for a paypal stack

I’m looking for a nice and easy stack so I can sell my items via paypal.
It needs to be easy as I’m no expert with coding.
I’ve downloaded the ‘Payloom’ demo but I can’t get it to work and I think its not the type of thing I’m looking for.
I’ve also looked at ‘Paysnap’ but it has no demo.
I’ve updated to the latest Rapidweaver and stacks.
What I’m trying to do is add a cart to each page that has a stack and video of the project so that if someone whats to purchase that item they add it to the cart.
The web site is still under construction but you can view it at www.wheeltappersdccsounds.com
Any help is appreciated.

You could check out: Pay by Yuzoolthemes.

Its very easy to set up and use.


What @Bioguy said, except except I think the stack is called Cart (https://www.yuzoolthemes.com/themes/cart/). I use it here - http://www.altereagles.co.uk/Shop/ - and it’s a great little stack. Very easy to set up.



Hi Rob,
Thanks for the reply.
Can I ask is this a button that you can place on an existing page or is it a complete page itself if you know what I mean?
I need to add a button to my pages so you can add to cart.
I have about 15 pages at the moment that the buttons need adding to.
The site is just in the build process but if you have a quick look at what is there the idea is to view the video and if you like the sounds you can buy them.

Thanks Bioguy I’ll check that out.

Yes, it’s just a stack and so can be added as many times you like to a Stacks page. In the example I shared I dropped the ‘enabler’ stack into that Shop page and then positioned the button for the ‘pay’ stack where I wanted it.

It’s a really nice little stack.


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They have their similarities, but they are separate products.
Pay: https://www.yuzoolthemes.com/themes/pay/
Cart: https://www.yuzoolthemes.com/themes/cart/


Thanks for the reply Rob,
I think I’ll give that one a try as its not to expensive and I’ve got to make a decision on something and it looks the right one.

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I’ve used it a few times and it’s been a good purchase.

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Hi Rob,
I’m not sure if you can help me or anyone else that picks up on this.
I’ve installed the paypal stack from yuzoolthemes called ‘Cart’
I’m having a few issues and still waiting a reply from yuzool.
The problem is getting back from paypal.
If I put into the return URL in the ‘set link’ stack http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/success.html it will not return from paypal it comes up with error 404 cant find page.
There is a page named ‘success’
If I put it in http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/ it will return to the home page but will not empty the cart.
I’ve tried putting the ‘cart return’ to empty the stack at the bottom of my home page.
I’ve also tried to direct it to another page by putting /xxxxxxx.html at the end of my site address but it will not find that page, error 404.
I have another issue with postage as I only want to add one postage price on multiple items but need to sort the first problem out before I tackle that one.
If you or anyone wants to visit the site its as above only .co.uk BUT be careful as the paypal is live and YOU WILL BE CHARGED if you order anything, I can refund though, its only a penny.
I can only put 2 links in a post so had to take some out.

Hi Neil,

I don’t have time to look into the second item but the first problem is to do with paths.

Your success page is actually at http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/page0/index.html

rather than http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/success.html. Try changing the address to that and see if it works. If it does you can start to work out ways of coming up with more elegantly named folders and pages - but get it working first.

Sorry, bit rushed.


Thanks for the quick reply Rob.
I’ll try that and let you know, theres no rush as such as there is still lots to do but I need to get this working so I can go further.
Thank you.

I was looking at the same think. I ended up finding Machform and it is awesome. Not sure if it is what your looking for but you might want to check it out.

Will do thanks, do you have a link by any chance?



if you want to see what it can do look here.

click on any of the order now buttons and you can see how we customized it.



It is nice because all you do is paste the code in a html stack and it works great in your page.

So once you have the code in your page and if you need to make a change to it, you don’t have to do it in Rapid weaver and you can do it from any computer. Makes it nice.

Hey Rob you are a diamond.
I would have never have guessed that one.
Now that I know I can see the other pages and paths.
It now returns from paypal if you cancel or pay.
The only thing now is it will not clear the cart if you go to order again, may be the buyer needs to exit and go back in not sure.
I have the cart return stack in both the cancel and return pages but does not seam to work, any idea?
No rush.

Did you resolve this yet? If so, how?

No its not been resolved as yet.
I have sent 3 emails to yuzoolthemes but still waiting a reply from all 3 on all subjects.
I’ve seen other posts where people have not had replies from these people not sure why.

Hey Bruce,
Just a thought, are you using the same program as I guess you are.
Dose your cart clear when someone has paid.
I can’t get mine to clear if the buyer cancels or buys when they go back in their items are still in the cart.

I sent them an email this morning about this question. I hope I get a response.