Lost Content on Upgrade to Version 6.1.2 (14790) - Still Having To Use v5

I dare not Use v6 or update v 6 again to any of the new versions or latest version. I lost most of my site content on switching to 6.1.2. I can only find all my files in version 5 & have had to revert? Help please?!

When you want to update to RW 6 …

… open and save first your project with RW 5.4/5.4.1, not RW 5.3.2!!
Then you can import your project with RW 6 ( latest v6.2.4)
Otherwise you can lose your content in some pages.

Get the latest version here

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Oscar, for a few minutes of your time, you have managed to make my day! Thank you VERY much. All my content has now been imported into the latest v6 and I couldn’t be happier. :smiley:

Nice that it worked. My pleasure :wink:

How do I get the old version back? I have deleted it from my computer.

You can get all versions here.