Importing RW 5 Project into RW6 doesn't work

I just bought Rapidweaver 6 and wanted to update my RW5 Project to the new version, but it doesn’t work. RW 6 imports my old project, and the menus and the pages are there, but the content is missing - no text and no photos.

The problem could be related to a problem to import my old RW 5 plugins and themes, which did not work. I selected “copy old themes” in RW 6 and opened the folder with the extensions and themes in RW6. RW 6 said it imported everything and I got no error, but nothing was really imported.

So the theme I used for my old project is missing, I choose the one RW 6 suggested as an alternative, but the content is missing.

Thanks for any hint!

Sure, it works.
But first, you must open and save your RW 5 project with RW 5.4.1/5.4 (not RW 5.3.2 !!).
Here you can download RW 5.4.1.
Than you can open the project with RW 6.
Otherwise you loose your content!

Thanks for the quick answer! I didn’t know that. After upgrading to RW 5.4.1 I could import the old theme in RW 6, so the site looks okay, but all the content is still missing.

I found the solution: I forgot to save the old project in RW 5.4.1, I did that now and now everything is fine in RW 6 :wink: So thanks a lot!

PS: it would be great if RW 6 could detect on its own if the old project has been saved with the wrong version and tell the user so, that could help people a lot when upgrading I think!


Yes, it would be great …
… open and save with RW 5.4.1 (not RW 5.3.2!!), I have written here many times in different posts :wink:

This is why there needs to be an extensive FAQ. I know about the ones here, but it is not that extensive and NO ONE ever seems to link to it. There should be a link on the main forum page to it telling people to READ the FAQ first!

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@zeebe @Oscar just posted a nice Topic and I added more links, hopefully @dan will pin it to the top :wink:


I saw that, but it seems only 1 thing can truly be pinned to the top at one time, this should be under the title or somewhere else that it can always be seen. It needs more visibility or we will get these type of questions constantly

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I can do it myself :wink:

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You are right about the FAQ, I looked there first, but didn’t find an answer. The official FAQs are not very exhaustive to say the least…

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This one point seems to me essentiel and appears repeatedly in the forum.
Everything set up correctly, but not stored with RW 5.4.1. Nothing works properly.
So I’ve mentioned this single point.

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Hi folks

We have an FAQ that lists the steps, available here:



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I have downloaded and installed RW 5.4.1, BUT I do not have an “export to 6” button in my file menu. I have export site but no means to export. Can anyone help?

There is no “export to 6” button. Nice idea though. These directions should help:

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Honestly, these gymnastics to open a file is nothing I have ever experienced. What is to happen in RW7?
This fix did not work. RW 6 does not recognise the file. My file reads: River Valley BC-new_For_RW6.rwsw
Maybe there is a different application suffix for the file?

The button “export to 6” was seen in a YouTube video = Tutorial: Upgrading from RapidWeaver 5 to RapidWeaver 6 by Ryan Smith at video mark 4:40 – (you will have to increase you browser magnification to see it).

I think, that’s an old video.
In RW 5.4.1 there is no “Export to…” button and in RW 6.3.8 there is no “Import from …” button.

You have to open and save your RW 5 file with 5.4.1, then you can open your file with RW 6. Just open, not import.
RW 6 make this itself.

Please read here the official Realmac Tutorial.
Read here too!

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RW 6 create at the same place on your computer a new file from the RW 5 -----.rwsw file, named -----.rw6
The “old” RW 5 file remains.
With that RW 6 file you can work in RapidWeaver 6.

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Okay – thanks that worked! Your help is much appreciated.

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In the interest of helping the next person with this procedure, can you tell us which step(s) in the directions you found unclear, elusive or confusing for you, and what you finally did to succeed?

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I know I am late trying to convert to 6. However it does not work as stated. I got V5.4.1 and it lets me do the esport using FILE/EXPORT SITE. However V 6 cannot handle the directory generated then nor is there any file like rw6. What do I need to do?