Lost data during update/moving site to new user(computer)

I have just been elected to manage a small site that was created on 5.3.1 (never updated). I had to purchase RW 6. The previous webmaster compressed the current program and then transmitted to me via DropBox (per instructions). I then uncompressed it and opened with RW 6.3.4. The site fully works, except no data on any of the pages (pictures or text). Is the error she didn’t update to 5.4.1 first or is there something else we did wrong? She used zero Plugins, just plain RW capabilities.

I think you need to open it in RW 5.4 then save it as a RW6 format.

See the instructions here — > FAQ

That worked. I thought that because I had purchased RW 6, I couldn’t load 5, but I could. The pictures are still missing because the photo folders are on the other person’s mac. So on to trying to get them from her. Thanks!!!