Update 5.4 to 5.4.1 - strange thing happening

(tomas nittner) #1

hallo mighty rapidweaver pundits,
a very strange thing just happened: i wanted to update a site from rw 5 to rw 6 and duly went into my trusty rw 5.4. fortunately i exported the site to a folder first. then i got prompted to update 5.4 to 5.4.1 which i did. i also updated all the stacks, not having used 5.4 in quite some time. after the restart i find that i am unable to export my site to rw 6!? the menu item just completely disappeared! what happened? quite puzzeled…
greetings, tomas

(Jon C. Munson II) #2

You don’t have to export it anymore. RW6 opens it, then creates an RW6 project.

(Nik Fletcher) #3

The upgrade guide reflects the updated flow for getting your documents to RW 6: