Images deleted from Rapidweaver

Images are being deleted from my Rapidweaver site. This has been happening ever since I switched to version 6. I will publish my site, then come back to the rapidweaver file and the thumbnail images are all striped out. I am able to go back on my Mac in time machine to a previous version and it fixes it, but then it happens all over again. Please help.



Dan, did you follow the directions in this thread for Upgrading from 5.4.1 to 6.x?

As you’re receiving a weird issue, I’m thinking a step was missed if you did.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the help - I’ll take a look. I think one or more of the plugins was not updated before making the transition. I’ll let you know.

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If you are experiencing this problem on Stacks pages, please email us directly at

If it’s not on Stacks pages, I don’t have any advice. Sorry.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

I’m still having trouble with this. I realized that my primary addon for a warehoused image gallery (Ultimate Warehouse Gallery) was not supported in RW6. So I migrated away from that and replaced it with Photostream. But RW6 is still stripping images out of my project.

I feel silly asking this, but I am having a hard time figuring out if my RW5 plugins are up to date before migrating to RW6. Yourhead Stacks plugin, for example is already on version 3 for RW6, but what version do I need installed for RW5 before I migrate? There has to be an easier way to do this for someone like me who doesn’t know code or other advanced website design details. This is just a hobby of mine that is quickly going over my head. Can someone please help me in figuring out the most simple and basic way to update my RW5 plugins, please? Just saying “Update your plugins” does not help me.

I am just very frustrated and don’t have the time to spend figuring this out. RW should have made this simpler.

Thank you for your help.


Update RapidWeaver to 5.4.1

Update Stacks to 2.7.1

Update your installed stacks as per the image below…

Restart RapidWeaver 5
Close RapidWeaver 5

Start RapidWeaver 6.3.7
Make sure Stacks is 3.0.4 (Requires upgrade $ from v2.x)
Select RapidWeaver → Copy Addons from RapidWeaver 5…

Themes, plugins and stacks will migrate to RapidWeaver 6 from 5

Restart RapidWeaver 6.3.7
Update stacks (similar method, same place, different button)

When RW 6.3.7 starts, it should auto Detect out of date plugins and update them

Restart RapidWeaver

You may have to do this a few times till everything gets updated…

NOTE: SOME stacks require manual updating by going to developers site and downloading a version specific to RW6/Stacks3 such as LogHound stacks.


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Thank you so much for spelling that out for me, Brad! It is much appreciated. I’m not a web developer and I get over my head pretty quickly - that’s one reason I chose RapidWeaver, but when things get tricky, I get in trouble quickly.

I think I had two primary problems - (1) my main photo solution was a warehoused gallery stack that did not upgrade to RW6 and (2) my Stacks 3.0 plugin did not update after I had initialized and opened it.

Hopefully this is the end of the strange image problem I was having.


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Awesome @dlbelin

Glad it’s all sorted out now… maybe… If need be, start a new thread please and thank you


Still having this problem - I will email yourhead support directly. I have followed Turtles steps above, and the images are still being deleted.

I am having the exact same problem…it just happened yesterday, all the images were stripped from my websites when I opened the file.
have tried to contact support@yourhead, but nothing back yet.
Did you find a solution…I am running 6.3.7 with stacks 3.0.4 on Yosemite.
Am hoping my backup is not too out of date…otherwise it means dropping back in upwards of 250 images!! Then not sure if they will stay there!!

I have responded to all open support questions at If you, pigglypots, have not heard from me, can you try emailing again?

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

I found two more stacks that I didn’t realize needed to be updated. I will try that first and report back.

This has been an extremely painful and time consuming process - I hope RW realizes what a PITA this is!