Where are all my RW6 themes?

I installed RW7 this morning and all the themes I use seem to have vanished. The main ones were Hive and Shift.

I just figured any themes I had in RW6 would be moved over to RW7.

I do still have the Hive install file, so maybe that will work, but for some odd reason there is nothing in the Shift theme folder apart from another folder saying resources.

Anyone know how I can get them back?

Hey @Pip,

I have read your other post as well. From what I can tell, it sounds like your addons failed to transfer not that your site is broken in RW7.

Please can you open RW7 and click “Check for updates” under “RapidWeaver 7” in the menu bar and update if a new version is available. After that, click “RapidWeaver 7” again then “Copy addons from RapidWeaver 6”. Once that has run, try your projects again, they should now look like they did in 6.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks for that suggestion Elliot. I’ll give that a go.