Lunar social media icons open within website

(Joe Martin) #21

Adam you are right…I am old and have used _new for many years…seems to work…and the new external…never seems to work.

(Lydia) #22

Hi Roger, I’ll try that too just in case.
This kind of technical stuff drives me crazy.

(Lydia) #23

Hi Adam, super I’ll try that.
Thanks a bunch

(Lydia) #24

Unfortunately my hopes were dashed. Still the same problem.
Any more ideas please?

(Don H) #25

I can’t tell if the posting editor is changing the code you’re posting here to use “curly” quotes or if that’s actually what’s shown in RW. Make sure the quotation marks used are the basic, straight quotes.

The fancy ones are technically different characters and will not work when delimiting fields in the code you’re trying to do.

(Roger Harris) #26

If your code looks like this exactly:

<a class="myBadge linkedin" href="" target="_blank"></a>

then it should work NB!! Normal quote marks, not typographic ones…

Edit: Ha! Just as @DLH said… he beat me to it :slight_smile:

(Lydia) #27

You guys are amazing trying to help me out. I copied and pasted your code Roger and the quotes appear to say normal but it’s a no go unfortunately. Still the same issue.
Anybody getting frustrated here? Patience grasshopper.
Thanks so much

(Lydia) #28

I just had a thought and looked up online, Am I using the wrong vocabulary? I want a new tab to open. Is this the same as a window? Sorry if you’re all doing a face palm right at this moment.

(David) #29

Are you using “paste as plain text” when you paste the code into RW? If not please give that a try.

(Adam Shiver) #30

You’re testing this on your live site right? Not within RapidWeaver’s preview mode.

(Lydia) #31

Thanks for the suggestion and I have been pasting it as plain and I tried pasting it as paste and match style all along. sigh

(Lydia) #32

I’m posting it live. I’ve also republished the entire site.

(Adam Shiver) #33

The code provided should work fine. If you want to provide a URL to the live page with the problem we as a group can look at it.

(Lydia) #34

Thanks Adam, I’ve been working on the new code only on home page.

(Adam Shiver) #35

So I was indeed right before, and I was not mis-speaking as I said below. I did in fact remember correctly that the linking mechanism is hard coded into this theme…

Lunar prevents the link from being followed by default when clicked by the visitor through the use of javascript. This is so that the spinning animation can be applied and seen before going through to the provided link. The negates the target tag altogether as after the animation completes the page is redirected to the provided URL. This too bypasses the target tag. You’d need to customize the theme’s javascript internally to have the theme not do this, as I said previously.

(Lydia) #36

Ok mystery solved then. Perhaps I just see how clients navigate the site (lurk in the background) to see if this is an issue or use a different way to add the icons so I can stipulate that they link to an external tab.
Thanks for your help and to everyone who jumped on board to try to solve this for me.

(Adam Shiver) #37

Sorry for the frustration. I thought I was remembering correctly, but it you all had me questioning it for a while there.

(Lydia) #38

I certain do appreciate the support here. So quick and attentive.
Much appreciated.

(system) #39

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