Social media icon not opening in separate window

Hi, After setting social media icons in my footer to open in an external link nothing happens. If I deselect that option the page opens but in such a manner that I can’t get back to my website. Any suggestions? Oh and I’m using Foundry stack Social Badges and the Lunar theme.

@Elixir would have to say for sure but I don’t know that you can use Foundry stacks on a non-Foundry theme. Maybe it could work because it’s the same developer (so maybe there is shared syntax or something) but that would be my first guess…

You cannot use Foundry stacks in any theme besides the blank Foundry theme that comes with your Foundry purchase. The Foundry theme contains some of what is needed for Foundry to function as it is a framework and not just a set of stacks for use in other themes.

Thanks for your suggestion/thought. My understanding is that these themes work well with each other in this case and so far I haven’t had any issues I couldn’t figure out with some help. I’m still hoping for a fix.



oh I see. I’ll go back and see what I can redo and try again. Not sure why so far I’ve been doing alright mixing and matching the two. I’ll see if I can find a way through Lunar to activate outside links with social badges. Do you have a ready answer to that?

Thanks Adam

I can tell you that you will indeed run into problems trying to use Foundry stacks inside of other themes, as I am the developer of said Foundry stacks.

No, as they’re not meant to work in Lunar, only in the Foundry theme.

Ok thanks for that. I’ll see what I can figure out.

There are other social stacks if you want to stay with another theme.

Thanks for the lead. Much appreciated.

Hi Adam, I was checking out another website I’m building that only uses Foundry and the images that I link to a URL and specify to open in a new window do not. The link only opens within the website once I deselect the “open in new window”.
Additionally, when I set some copy in a paragraph to be a link it doesn’t open up whether I set the URL to open in a new window or not.
Please advise as I must be missing something (I’m new to RW)
Much Appreciated.

Send me a ZIP file containing your RapidWeaver project file, as well as tell me the exact page and link you’re referring to and I will take a look.

Also, send me a live URL to the problem page when you send the other items above.

Thank you for having a look at this. I was able to get the link within the paragraph to open up the website URL but still not in a new window. The problem page is the Artist Representation Page and the link is
There are others on the same page that have the same issue but i can get to them later when this is figured out. I don’t have a live URL to the page as I haven’t published the website as of yet (I think that’s what you meant) Please advise the best way to send you the zip file.
I do appreciate your assistance.

The page you linked to does not appear to be built with RapidWeaver, much less Foundry, so I’m not really understanding.

As for the ZIP file, you can send it as a link via Dropbox or a similar service in a direct message here in the forum.

The upload
function in this message box accepts only images. Is there another way to direct message you? Perhaps an email that I can use to drop box it to you? Sorry navigating the forum is new to me.

As I mentioned you’ll need to create a link using something like Dropbox and then paste that link into a Direct Message.

Also, if you’ve not published the site yet, how do you know that links will not open in a new window? That functionality will only be present after you’ve published your site. Opening in a new window does not happen when viewing your site in RapidWeaver.

You’re a genius!! That’s it then!! I wasn’t aware of that so before we go any further let me test by publishing.
Thanks again.

Within RW, if you select Preview in Safari (or other web browser) from the File menu, you should be able to test if links are opening in new windows.

Thanks Don! That’s amazing! I’m learning a lot and my stress has just gone down HUGE!!