Lunar Theme by Elixir

Great Theme, I played tonight (after listening to latest RW show podcast). May I ask how you managed to enable blog images? This rocks! I mean even the News stack supports the images correctly.

Tried to use “blogEntryTopper” alt tag on images in other themes but this doesn’t work. Is this something theme-specific?

The Blog Entry topper is something that Elixir build into their themes - or most of them. It’s not used by other developers - though I imagine there’s some CSS which would achieve the same effect.

thank you, but how he has managed to put images inside the RSS file out of an RW blog? Normaly RSS readers or stacks like “News” can’t display my RW blog properly due the fact that there is simply no image in the RSS. But here it is… this irritates me… I am missing something in my RW blogs?

I don’t know. Maybe @Elixir can enlighten us? Looks good though.

The Blog Entry Topper feature has been around since sometime in 2011 or so. I’ve added it to all my themes since then. It is pretty simple stuff overall, and has been available to other developers to use as well. In fact you can find it on Github as well.

As for it appearing in an RSS feed – I’m doing nothing special in this regards. The image still resides in your blog post’s content. When the Blog Entry Topper does its thing it is only moving the image around on the page during page load to display it above the blog entry. This leaves it in place, right where you placed it via drag-and-drop, when you wrote your blog post as a part of the post itself.


Lunar is a great theme, but beware that it offers no option for the content font.

The Lunar theme doesn’t have a setting for changing the main content font. It is set to use the “Open Sans” Google Font for its main font.

You are correct Denis, it does not have a theme variation for the main content area font. Any such feature would be outlined in the Details section of the theme’s product page. You can also look over each of the theme’s options on the live preview site as well. It organizes the theme’s variations into sections as they’re found within the theme.

Right. It’s easy to miss though, as I did. You see the options of fonts for the title and you assume if they’re available for the title you must be able to use them for the content. Hence my comment so people know beforehand.

As I said it’s a great theme but the content font has poor weight for bold for instance that barely stands out in a paragraph.

if you are using stacks… try using Header pro or Paragraph pro to get more font choices from

please donate if do use them


Thanks! I’ll look into that for sure.