Add photos to Blog

I need help
how to add or insert photos to inbuilt RW Blog?
and is it possible to edit image? Resize, position, float etc.

any suggestions?

Thank you so much

You can float pictures left and right easily enough.

Let’s say you want to have a left floated picture. Make sure it’s the size you want and then drag it into the editing window, in front of the first letter in the parapgraph where you want it to appear. Select the image, then go to the Format menu and choose HTML, Align Image Left. Preview and you’ll see your image.

The built in blog isn’t very clever when it comes to positioning images. Some of Elixir Graphics themes have a blog entry topper feature which lets you place the picture above the bog entry - looks really nice.

But if the ability to position photos more precisely is important to you then I’d investigate Stacks-based alternatives to the built-in blog. Things like Instacks’ Poster stack, Joe Workman’s Total CMS and Nick Cates’ GoCMS are all worth a look.




You are so clear except the way to edit image position;
could you explain better please?
How you select the image ? ( double click or what )And could you tell me in which tabs i have to insert the code? ( css, head or body )
The right html code please.
Look in the preview screenshot the image is on the right instead in live mode is on the left.

Thank you so much for your help

The Blog plugin isn’t very clever when it comes to images. If the image
ends up in the wrong place I often find it easier to delete it and start

To select the image just left click on it once. Then use the Format menu as
described previously. No need for code.


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