[Podcast] Ask us a question. Episode 40. 13th May

As always, @dan and I will be recording this weeks podcast on Wednesday. If you have a question about RapidWeaver, web development, or anything related to web sites, ask here.

We’ll do out best to answer your questions on the show :slight_smile:

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MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Which works really well with RapidWeaver?

Minimum system requirements I guess is what I am asking… 8gb ram, will a 128gb ssd do or require more, i5 or i7, 12-13 or 15" screen?

What do you use around the shop and home and recommend for mobile development & support?


Will you be removing RW 5.x from the MAS when 7 launches?


Good question @Turtle , I would like to know what you use as desktop development machines as well?
My Macpro is showing some age and I’m not sure if I can wait much longer for Apple to release a new one.

Be interested in hearing the opinions @dan and @ben have on animations on the web, specifically where do you stand on:

  1. Parallax scrolling.
  2. Pop-up notifications.
  3. Loading animations.
  4. Background animations/videos

Some examples of situations where you think these and any other animations of your choice add to a design would be great, and perhaps you could incorporate some Eurovision style voting on these, what with Eurovision coming around again (so soon) this Saturday?

Also, if there’s time…

What’s the difference between Flat Design and Material Design, and is Material Design Lite just Google marketing or something practical to use?



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Support desk service is a good question. what are you using. As I have started developing stacks. I want to make sure I have support system in place before I ship any products.

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I’m presently using my wife’s mid 2010 MacBook Pro 17" whilst my iMac is in for repairs. The MBP works very well with RW6 even though a tad sluggish no doubt due to the 4GB 1067 Mhz DDR3 memory.

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Defiantly its the RAM. My issue with MB Pro is the size of the screen after working on a 27" iMac.

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I agree - the step down from 27" to 17" is a real bummber, but at least it still keeps me running.

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We’re now recording on Friday this week, so you have a couple of extra days to think up some more questions for us!

There goes that record again, LOL

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No, no. It’s still weekly :wink:

I don’t think we’re committed to the Thursday, we just need to release it every week…


Well, not exactly @dan but I guess weekly is close enough, haha

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Okay, a question:
On a blog (typed.com for example) if you are only showing 5 or 10 most recent posts on the page, does google still find and index the others?

So, Steve, you’re asking if there is a sitemap.xml associated to the typed.com site correct that has an index of all files, posts related (as in feed.xml)? Just so we get a clear answer from the men at Realmac who are doing a FAB job!

Guess I will have to listen to it in 2 weeks as Friday I leave for a cruise to Bermuda :slight_smile:

Happy Weaving everyone!


It’s Scott :grimacing:
I’m asking do they still get indexed somehow and if so how? If not is there a way to make it happen?
In my case I’m using the blog stack and showing 10 latest posts so just wondering if the rest get found by Google

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Sorry Scott… too many S icons on here :blush:


Lol, no worries I’ve been called a lot worse :grimacing: