Macro's not being parsed in Code/Body Tab

Hi Dan,

When using macros (%base_url%, %site_title%, and %resource(img.png)% … possibly others)
in the Code/Body tab in the settings the macros do not get parsed.

Here is where I am using them:

Here is what get exported:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a new page to RW7 and then try to use one of the macros in an html element in the “Body” tab.
  2. Preview and use web inspector to see the results.


Have these variables ever been parsed in these sections? I didn’t realize that they could ever be used there.

I can’t answer that, I just assumed that they could/should.

My use was in creating a “permanant” footer using EC where some of those macros would be used.
(They also do not work in the “Page Inspector” Code/Body area)

I just wanted to report it in the event that it was something that was overlooked.