Php code not working in HTML page

Hello everyone,
I am trying to embed a bit of PHP code in the sidebar of a styled text page with the file extension .html. As I understand it, the php code I put between <?php ... ?> should be executed even on an .html page. I tried to place a very simple code an the main part of the page as well as in the sidebar and it is not showing up.

<?php echo "Hello"; ?>

I marked the code with “Ignore Formatting” and tried to switch the sidebar to html. All to no avail. If anyone has any idea, what I might be missing, it would be much appreciated. I am using RW 7.4 and “Lander” as the theme.
Thanks a lot!

PHP coding will not pe executed on a .html page. The page must end with .php in order to execute PHP coding.


Thanks a lot, for that easy fix. Seems I completely misunderstood the concept. Much obliged!


With some isp’s, you can put code in your htaccess file that will force your html pages to process as php. I had hundreds of pages to “change over” and I didn’t want to lose my incoming links so I left pages as html and configured server to treat all pages as php.