Magellan Set Up Stack Not Visible After It Scrolls To A Marker

I’ve got a Magellan Set Up stack that doesn’t stay visible as I drive users through a long webpage, which essentially kills the benefit of navigation through the page and also to allow users to get quickly to the top. Got it going on with a couple of sites in development. Hit this link a tel me what’s going on. Click the Services button on the home page and then use the Magellan links at the top of the services page to understand what I mean.

And one other thing. It was working on both sites up until about two weeks ago.

Still having this issue. No one has responded as yet. See another example here: I’m trying to get the Magellan links at the top of the page to cruise the page when a link scrolls to the appropriate Magellan marker. For instance, if I click the “Listen” link I’d all those links to be available again just above the Listen To Brickwall Jackson Music headline so users can go back to the top of keep cruising to there links without having to scroll to the top of the page just to click the next link. Thanks!

If it has been working previously, my first suggestion might be double checking that both your foundation stacks and theme are up to date.

You could also try putting it into a Top Bar stack (I know there’s a Magellan setting for menu type in Top Bar) and make use of the sticky/fixed menu option.

Another option (that probably wont sound as appealing) is to try out MagicGellan 2 stack by Big White Duck. It’s made for Foundation but has some more features/customizations and the demo site behaves as you are looking for.

(Just saw your other post so you can ignore most of this message :slight_smile:)