MagicGellan 2 for Foundation is here

MagicGellan 2 is a suite of 5 stacks to easily create in page scrolling menus and much more in the Foundation Theme for RapidWeaver.

You can see the demo and get the stack for free here.

Version 2 is a complete re-write of the popular MagicGellan stack from the ground up.

New Features:

  • Responsive Mobile Toggle menu for small screens.
  • New NavDots stack that can be used with or without the Menu Bar.
  • Magic Markers and Magic Zones now support FontAwesome and other Icon Fonts for menu item generation.
  • Responsive show/hide for any element within the menu.
  • Totally automatic menu generation from the markers on your page. Zero HTML required to set up the menu.
  • Multiple styling options on every element including Font Vault support for future compatibility.
  • Magic Zones now support integrated dropdown menus to provide navigation to your other pages and full Mega Menu creation.

As featured in the new Zest Theme from @hipsterweaver.



Should we uninstall MagicGellan prior to installing V2?


Hi @Turtle,

No, just install it as normal and it will deprecate any previous versions to legacy stacks. They will still work and be editable, just not shown in the library.

There is a little more about this on the “information” button at the top of the demo page.


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@tav… all you had two say was RTFM lol…

Thanks, have absorbed most of the content on the demo/plugin pages.


There are further general instructions on the zone and marker stacks on the original v1 demo site (there is a link to it in the showcase section at the bottom of the new demo). There are also up to date examples of using all the features in the downloadable project file (which is the same as the demo site minus the homepage).


@tav Just want to let you know that clicking on “Stacks Settings” in the Downloads of MagicGellan2 results in an error (page not found).

Thanks Matthias - now fixed.

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Thanks for this great update.
I have a problem if I use MagicGellan2 with Dropdown.
At 100% I see a scroll Area at the right, but there is no content. At 800px it don’t center the dropdown below the menu.
Also the dropdown is to close to the menu and the up arrow is not visible. Is it possible to have more space between the menu and the dropdown area?

Hi @WDA,
Firstly regarding the pip (triangle) and space above dropdowns. MagicGellan2 does not display these in order to make the dropdown in to a menu dropdown rather than a call-out style dropdown. In this way it matches the appearance of TopBar dropdowns and they appear connected to the MagicGellan menu. I did this as it was the single biggest user feature request for the MagicZone stack from version 1, I could possibly add in an option to cancel this behaviour.

Secondly, regarding your dropdown content questions. If you are seeing a scroll bar on the dropdown this is indicative of the content overflowing the height of the dropdown. Obviously in order for all content to be accessible scrollbars will be displayed by the browser. I would need to see what stacks content you have in the dropdown in order to properly assess what is happening. The same applies to the dropdown positioning at 800px. If you send in a support request with a simplified example project demonstrating your problem then I will gladly take a look at it.

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Hi Andrew - stack looks great (will have to find some time to have a play). Just thought I’d let you know when viewing the demo on my phone (iPhone 6 Plus), a couple of pieces are off the screen

@davehughes Yes, I noticed that. It is actually a new stack that is under development and I guess I haven’t learned how to use it properly yet :slight_smile: I’ve now adjusted the settings correctly to remove the offset for small screens and it should be fixed.

@WDA I’ve just released an update to give you the option of showing the pips and adjusting the space between the menu and the dropdown. If you look in advanced settings in the main stack you will now see a checkbox (checked by default) to Remove Dropdown Pips. If you uncheck this you will get the new options including the ability to alter the left position of the pip.

I hope this helps.


@tav I’m always amazed how fast you update your stacks and add new functions too. Thanks for adding this options. The Dropdown Pips are now visible, but the horizontal control of the Pips by using pixels don’t give the control to set the Pips under the selected menu, because the layout is responsive and the Pips are not positioned below the menu. Also the Foundation Dropdown Stack control (I know that is not your part) is let’s say basic. The 100% width setting looks ugly and and the pixel based settings (i.e. 800px) really don’t make sense by using a responsive layout. Also the issue that in this case the Dropdown box flow to the right or left of the site don’t make any sense.
Much smarter would be a responsive Dropdown Box (i.e. 80% site width) with the pips connected to the center of the selected menu. Also a Line instead using this Triangle (Pips) would be great for a better look.
BTW thanks for all your great stacks. Your amazing set of free stacks allow to fine tune every Foundation page to a much better look and function too.

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@WDA I agree about the pip positioning, which is why I removed them originally. It has however helped some other users who had less menu items and thus less positional difference as the screen size alters.

I may be able to do something about proportionally sizing the dropdown for you when used with MagicGellan, I’ll take a look. What I can’t do anything about is that annoying tendency for it to go off the right hand side of the screen.

I agree that ideally, I would include a better dropdown that does all these things itself but as you will understand, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Stacks like MagicGellan2 are very large and complex undertakings, so much so that they would never make commercial sense for developers who charge for them. At least I can bring these sort of stacks to users and help the community but I do have to be aware that for every new feature or stack, I lose several more nights of sleep in answering support requests :slight_smile:

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@tav I agree with you, Dropzone is not your part. I hope that Joe Workman will add more features to Dropzones sometime, or someone else develop a similar stack with more options that works with Foundation and MagicGellan2 too. It would be great to have a nice looking Megamenu available for Foundation sites.
I use all your stacks as replacements for the original Foundation stacks, because you give me much more options to style a site. Thanks…

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I’m very new at rapidweaver so give me a (big) discount on my questions.

Using MagicGellan2 when I click on logo it goes to a website.
I simply cannot see where we define that shortcut.

Does anyone can help me here ??

Thanks in advance.

The logo will link to the site url that you have specified in the Web Address field of the RapidWeaver general settings. This will ultimately be the home page of your site once it is published.