Magicgellan v2 - no smooth scrolling?

(Emil Klotzsch) #1

i´m using the magicgellan 2 stack but have some problems…

first of all i don´t have smooth scrolling.
i hope i just oversaw something there…

what i do: i´m using the magicgellan2 stack, and some magic marker. but its always without scrolling. it just jumps to the place,…

secondly, i would like to have text in a button (r just color around the text) in the magellan menu.
i can do that when using the magic zone 2, but a magic zone just seem to be able to link to eternal link, or to a dropdown…

any solutions to this?.

other than that, magic glean is awesome. everything from big white duck is…!

(Andrew Tavernor) #2

Without a link to a published page I cannot tell you exactly what is causing the problem but if you have no smooth scrolling it will be because there is a Javascript error on your page that is preventing the Foundation JS from running.

Without this, MagicGellan will revert to normal anchor link mode and just jump to the links.

If you can publish a test page and post the url I will be able to tell you what on the page is causing the error.

At present, you cannot turn the menu items into the appearance of buttons unfortunately. This is because the links are the full size of their containers so that clicking is easy (like most menus) - i.e. you can click anywhere within the menu item rather than having to hit the text itself.