MagiMagellan2 top-bottom padding in vertical menu

(Jerome) #1


I would like have some padding (top and bottom) in each item in MagellanMagic2 in vertical position.
Perhaps I missed something ?

Thx !


(Andrew Tavernor) #2

By default, the mobile menu items have 1rem top and bottom padding.
You can increase this if you want using the following CSS and just change the amount as required:

.mag-toggle .magic-nav>.mag-item a:not(.button){
	padding-top: 2rem!important;
	padding-bottom: 2rem!important;

(Jerome) #3

Okay Thx a lot ! it’s work ! But I made a mistake I wrote bad : it’s the vertical Orientation in the MagicMagellan2 and not the mobile menu…

(Andrew Tavernor) #4

So is it actually padding on the menu items that you want or spacing between them?

(Jerome) #5

Yes padding on menu items

(Andrew Tavernor) #6

OK - this should just affect the vertical menu and not the mobile one:

.mag-vertical:not(.mag-toggle) li>a:not(.button){
	padding-top: 1.6rem!important;
	padding-bottom: 1.6rem!important;

(Jerome) #7

Yeah ! Great, thx a lot man !