Yuzool Navigation - Margin/Padding Issue

Hi there!

I just purchased this amazing navigation stack. I only have two tiny problems.

  1. I can’t get rid of the top margin, it is always there when I open the page (attachment 1). It disappears when I scroll down (attachment 2). When I scroll to the top it slightly appears again behind the navigation stack (attachment 3).

  2. I also can’t seem to remove the padding on the bottom of the menu as seen in all attachments)

I would appreciate some help,

Thanks in advance


Is it possible that the navigation stack is inside some other container which has some top margin applied?
If you could publish even a single page, which shows the issue, then share the URL we can tell you very quickly what is going on :slight_smile:


Here is the link: roycech.com (still very slow)

The navigation stack is only in a partial, which has no margin or padding. (attachment 1). The problem persists even without partial. I didn’t have this problem with other navigation stacks that came with foundation 6 or with Clean Menu (1LD).

Also see the settings I used in (Attachement 1,2,3)

Thanks for your help,

I appreciate it!

You’ve got 10px of bottom margin coming from a container above the Navigation stack.

.stacks_in_p482_n258_page0creeper {
margin-top: 0px;
margin-right: 0px;
margin-bottom: 10px;
z-index: 9999;
height: auto;
text-align: center;
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
overflow-x: visible;

I don’t have F6, but I’d check that Spider stack that you have Navigation inside for some type of margin or offset setting.

Btw, your images are huge. The image mail-bright-33-squashed.jpg is 5184px wide. You’ll need to resize those images much smaller.

remove spider from page, delete it and check
if you tick hide before scroll in spider the menu will appear once you scroll, with no top margin
that’s what happens when i use those stacks


I did that before without success, but now it actually worked.
Now I have no sticky menu though :confused:
Any Idea how to make it stick or alternatively make it reappear whenever I slightly scroll up?

@upssjw I did select “Hide before scroll”, but for some reason I still get margin when I scroll back to the top.

Also, I still couldn’t get rid of the bottom padding. I guess it’s not really padding, I think the problem is that the navigation text is not vertically centered as shown in the demo:


About the images, I’m about the change them for vectors. I used Squash to decrease the size. Although it couldn’t squash more out of it.

Thanks a lot for all the help!

Ok, I figured out how to stick the menu (“Fixed Menu” in Settings). I won’t need the Spider Stack and theres no top margin. Now I only need to center the text vertically.

Vertically center the menu items text?

Reduce the 18px top margin you have on the logo image (Brand Settings - Margin Top). With that padding and the size of the logo, you’re increasing the height of the menu area and the menu items are no longer centered. Alternatively, increase the Menu Height in Menu General.

Thanks! I just figured it out. decreased it to 5pixel. It’s centered now. Appreciate all the help!

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