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Mac Mail is playing up with my ISP. Thunderbird seems to be working fine, but it’s really ugly. Any suggestions for a better one (not monthly subscription).

Thanks in advance.

There is Postbox, which I think is based on Thunderbird but looks a bit different. There’s a free trial available.

Unibox is something completely different, groups messages based on sender (on App Store and part of SetApp).

Spark is good but there was some concern about privacy.

Would be interesting to see what other suggestions there are from others, mac mail is ok for me but something better would be good to find

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I’ve been reasonably happy with Mac Mail, but I’ve had issues with my ISP’s firewall and we’ve isolated it down to Mac Mail (as both Thunderbird and Spark seem to work okay) but that’s where we become stuck. Consequently, I’m looking at alternatives :frowning:

Microsoft Outlook, since over 15 years. Simply the best (IMHO)…

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So no one using your ISP can use Mac Mail? That doesn’t sound right. Are you having problems with iOS’s mail as well?

That’s what I said to them, but they’ve said they it’s a client side issue as they’re logging issues with the password. Having spent a good chunk of the week going and frying, I think it might be something to do with the keychain settings on my main computer.

If you like Mac Mail,
You can try and reset up the accounts.

There’s also the connection doctor that’s built in.

It allows you to log connection activities.

If you enable that, make sure you turn it off when you’re done. It will log forever until your drive fills.

Thanks Doug, I’ll see how I get on, but will most likely check that out tomorrow.

DO NOT USE SPARK! Unless you want this behavior…

  1. Reply to an Email in you inbox.
  2. Delete that message since you no longer need it.
  3. Cry because you probably never knew that Spark also deletes the email that you just sent since it was related.

I have asked them. It’s the intended behavior. Wow…


I have had a couple of issues with mail. A simple changing of my password was the fix. I don’t know who you are hosting with but there service is unacceptable. My hosting provider is a phone call away. I had this same issue when I upgraded to Catalina with Mail.

I prefer Outlook to Mail on my Mac. Not so much on my iphone.

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We’ve tried resetting the password, but something still isn’t right.

The service has been great up until this issue. They’re just going off theology they have and say it must be to do with the way the Mail client is set up.

The connection doctor should log everything when it comes to Mac Mail. It should show every attempt to connect to every mail account.

If the problem is coming from the client it should be there.

As I said once you get it resolved make sure you turn it off. I had one log get to about 100gb (left it on for a couple years).


MailMate. 30-day free trial. I’ve used it for at least a decade, I think.

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The response from support is typical “I haven’t a clue what is going on. Let’s blame something else”.

What connectivity issues do you have? Try to remove your account in Mail and then add it back.

Both Thunderbird and Postbox are very ugly. Outlook is much better than in early years. All other newer mail clients have less features than the old and established ones.

If you only have IMAP accounts then migrating email clients is very simple. For testing I need to use all of the email clients. Otherwise, try to reduce the emails in the email client (archiving or delete them).

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Going to speak to Apple support tomorrow. I’m just wondering if there might be an issue with keychain or something.

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