How can i open the visitors mail program by clicking on the mail adress in the contact page?

ha friends and neighbours, i am sure everybody knows the answer except me - of course, but here goes: i have a number of clients who have their mail adress but - for one reason or other - are unable to configurate their mail program to the new adress that they have to get if i use doobox’s mail stack. so i had the idea of just publishing thier mailadress (or some other indicator) on a “contact” page and make it a link to their mail program. thus their mail program would pop open and people could write a message which would reach my client through his regular mail adress. i hope i made myself clear: contact page > name or mal adress as a link > mail program opens up > mail gets sent through the clients regular mail without having to configure a new mail.
thanks much and cheerio, tomas


Because spammers will be very quick to harvest any real address and send trash to your clients mercilessly, it’s always - always - inadvisable to expose an email address on a web page.

You might want to consider something like this.

thanks much @MarkSealey, i did just what you suggested! tomas

There’s also this -

thank you @robbeattie, that looks good too, unfortunately (just spent 7 quid) i already bought “obscure email”!
cheerio, tomas

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The stack looks much quicker to implement than the free App.