After someone else builds it, can I update/maintain it?

I’m having someone else build my Rapidweaver site, but can I update and maintain it afterward? I have Rapidweaver, of course, so how would he get me the files? First time I’ve done something like this.

Hi @Bcokas

He would simply send you the RW project file and provided that you own the same theme and stacks that he used, you would be able to edit or improve on the site in Rapidweaver. I have successfully done remote projects like that with clients on other continents by sharing Rapidweaver project files electronically.

With RW 7, it’s even easier as resources can be included in the project file.

I hope this helps.


Wow, that sounds really easy–thanks, Beem!

You’re welcome. You are going to love Rapidweaver! :slight_smile:

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