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I am building a web app and have many hand coded PHP files with just functions. When the php pages are exported from RapidWeaver they are compiled with all code that you would want if it was a published content page.

Is there a way that I can simply export a page as it is and not have any code added in? It’s messing with my app. I know If I just work on the server then I will be fine. However, I returned to RapidWeaver because I miss all of the great features, plugins, and stacks that I can use with it.



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  • Add HTML page
  • Under settings uncheck apply theme
  • Paste your page into the HTML page
    You can select if you want in navigation or not, and set your path, etc.
    This also can be used for text files like robots.txt

OMG So simple!!!
I knew there had to be something. I was missing. I can believe I’ve never used that option before.

Now to push forward with Gideon.Maia.Site !

Thank you @teefers!

this is very interesting! Can this be done for htaccess files too?

No .htaccess file name starts with a dot(.) and is hidden, so this technique will not work.

That would be nifty though. I feel like RapidWeaver could really use a baked-in solution for managing .htaccess files.

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