Does anyone have functional Formloom pages?

My Formloom pages have not been working for months. FormLoom support tell me it is a problem with my host. My host tells me it is a problem with FormLoom. I blame Donald Trump.
My only solution seems to be to go back to using the built-in contact form, which works fine.
Does anyone else have FormLoom pages that are working?
Any ideas?

URL? You might also want to let us know who your host is…maybe others here have had similar issues. For the longest time, Yabdab has complained about GoDaddy (maybe they still do), but I never had any issues with their products running on my GoDaddy sites.

What @dave said. FWIW I have Formloom working fine but found it a little more difficult to set up because it’s a powerful, complicated product. But a really good one.

Have you got access to another host you can upload a test page to? Then you’d know where the problem lies.

I’ve used formloom for years with 21 different educational conference registering proposal submissions and registrations and grant applications. No problem.

What exactly about formloom is not working? Is the problem when you click Submit? What is the error message you are getting?

Thanks. My host is webhostinghub. They have been pretty good.
I’ve used them for a few years, ever since netfirms went to the dogs, and I swore off anything eaten by the EIG monster.
I’m about to give up entirely on YabDab plugins, since the only solution seems to be paying 125$ to switching over to their host.

The error now is {“result”:“fail”, “msg”:“Oops! An error occurred.(001)”}
If I turn on debugging, it seems to work sometimes. I just tested it with debugging on and it displayed
{“result”:“good”,“msg”:“Your form was sent successfully.”,“redirect”:0,“redirect_url”:""}

Since you mention that you might give up entirely on YabDab, you might want to consider Machform. Here is a link to their self-hosted prices < > I switched to them a long time ago, and could not be more pleased. The forms are incredibly easy to integrate into a Rapidweaver site. You will need a MySQL database, but if setting that up sounds daunting, the owner of Machforms will do ALL OF THE WORK FOR YOU. You just give him FTP and cPanel access, and he’ll set everything up.

In addition to both you and the submitter receiving beautifully formatted emails, it’s also super easy for your client to update their forms on the fly. And, if they do, there’s no worry about messing with the database again - Machforms does it all in the background.

I started out with one license many years ago. After I realized all the benefits, I upgraded to a ten license pack - Yuniar (the owner) charged me the difference between the one and ten pack. It wasn’t long before I needed more than ten licenses - he again charged me the difference between ten and unlimited. Today - I figure I have upwards of 75 installations spread out among quite a few clients.

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Check out this page.

Notice what it says about the most common reason for a 001 error.

Reasons for 001 errors
The most obvious reason for an 001 error is that the site IP name is fundamentally incorrect. It may have been mistyped or contain an invalid prefix e.g. be instead of You simply need to correct the URL.

Thanks again for your help.

The error message seems to be generated by a .php page within the FormLoom files.
Specifically /files/formloom-page37.php
{“result”:“fail”, “msg”:“Oops! An error occurred.(001)”}

I have looked at it, and the page warns,

"// ! PHP 5.3 will complain without this
if(ini_get(‘date.timezone’) == ‘’) date_default_timezone_set(‘GMT’);

require_once(dirname(FILE) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR .‘formloom3/lib/ydmailer.php’);

$output=’{“result”:“fail”, “msg”:"’.$fl[‘error_message’].’(001)"}’; // init"

I am using php 5.6, not 5.3, but this is as close to an explanation as I am able to find.

Is this an error within cPanel or within FormLoom?

I’m not really an expert, but I think the error message is coming from your server where the Rapidweaver project is hosted.

Can you send me just that formloom page in a Rapidweaver project? I will upload it to my server and see if it’s related to that particular formloom page and certain formloom settings or if it’s related to your host server. If it works on my hosted server (, then that would probably mean there’s something about your server that is not allowing formloom to work.

Wow. Such-a-do-about…Well, anyway.

I just got an email this morning from Mike at Yabdab Support

No, just turn notifications OFF if you don’t want incorrectly filled out form email alerts.

Problem solved.

Boy, do I feel sheepish…although, I was sure that I tested that already.
Thanks, everyone for you help, especially Mike.

@dave do you have any links to some MachForm sites that I could show a client? Also, is there any documentation on how to integrate MF into a RW site, or was it so easy a non-coding drag and drop idiot could do it? Client wants to be able to manage volunteers, sort by their skill level/various fields, email a group to get time commitments, etc. How is reporting and sorting done- by MF or will a data dump to a MySQL database that then needs to be integrated into a formal database for sorting purposes be necessary. I’m not really sure where MF ends and the need for a database begins.

I’m not @dave but here’s some quick responses:

  • easy to embed code, or link to a dedicated form and there are a few other options provided for “showing” forms
  • very easy to sort though the collected data, to export to Excel or CSV, etc. by anyone who has the login info to MacForm
  • all the data is collected into an mySQL database, but easy to export out
  • MachForms has a very nice report generator so you can create custom reports that are shared on the web

Hi @Jody, I think @Mathew has done a great job of answering the questions. MachForm is an exceptional piece of software that is very, very easy to integrate into a RW project. Basically, just grab the code for your form (they provide it) and drop it into an html stack. Or, add it to a button if you’d rather it open in its own window. It’s also super easy to have submissions mailed to specific individuals only- on this page, for example, a person must select the nature of inquiry. Based upon the subject, the submission is mailed to one of eleven different people.

On the form linked to this page (click the sweet button), patients can select from a lot of different locations - but only the schedulers associated with the location chosen see the submission. And, as Mathew points out, the online reports make it very easy for our marketers to determine which locations are being selected more than others.

You can see an embedded form here..

However, if your client is interested in managing volunteers, I’d highly recommend they look at Volunteerlocal. They have a totally free plan that could be used for evaluation - and if it suits their purpose, then I’m thinking that the Discover Plan ($600/year) might fit the bill. I know, from talking with you a while back, that this client has ongoing events (that is, it’s not really an event per se, but they need to manage volunteers on an ongoing, daily basis. I don’t have a suggestion for that- other then to perhaps try Volunteerlocal out, and if it doesn’t work, maybe ask them for a better-suited suggestion. I also have a client that has a couple of retail locations - and well over 100 employees. They actually manage extremely well by making their employees complete a Google spreadsheet of their available time - and then in separate Google spreadsheets (one for each location), they post the hours employees are to work. I display them on a locked down page (Sitelok) using Datesnap.

Oh- last thing…MachForm requires a MySQL database. But, if databases aren’t your thing, the owner of MF is happy to create the database for you, and will then install MachForms. It truly couldn’t be easier. And, even better, if you (or your client) later modify existing forms and/or create new forms, there is no need to touch the database…MachForm does everything for you, behind the scenes.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Dave: so how do you do this? I’ve never needed this feature before, but I also did not know it existed. I’d love to know how to do this for an upcoming project where it would be quite helpful

And how did you create your very nice “submit” buttons?

Hi @Mathew For the button, under Edit Theme > select Buttons > Use Image Button > enter URL to your own button.

As for the first question, the built-in logic is quite strong. You can, or example, allow visitors to only see specific pages, based on their answers (of course, your form would have to consist of more than one page). On the form you’re referencing, if someone selects YES to “Does your comment regard a payment?” the form is mailed to our financial department. If they select NO, then the logic looks at the subject and mails the form to the corresponding person. The logic for this form consists of eleven separate rules. But, once built, the only time I have to update it is if a person leaves employment…and therefore the email address will change. See the screenshot here:

Cheers, Mathew - and Happy Thanksgiving!!

@dave Thanks for the explanations. All of that is clear enough. That’s very sweet how good the built-in logic is.

Have a great Thanksgiving also. I’m planning a day of eating and setting up my wife’s new iMac! (early Christmas).

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