Can I Change the Size of the Header in Spit theme?

Hi Guys!

I played around in the css header file of the Split Theme to try to make the header cover only halve the screen from top to bottom but couldn’t do it. Personally, I like the fullsize header image but a lot of my clients told me, that they didn’t even figure out that there was something when they scroll down, previous to me showing them… that’s not very good for a business… :wink:

Can anybody point me to the adjustment, I have to make to get the image halve the way?



How did you get on?

You can select the header size as Normal Small or Smallest in the info navigator if that helps or was that not what you were talking about?

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Yes that’s right - but if you need another tweak someone can suggest a CSS change I’m sure


Put this code in CSS. You can change the height and margin-top, but always a different of 70px.
130/200, or 330/400 etc. This works for me.

#intro { height: 230px; }

.content { margin-top: 300px; }

But, it was a old post, I have seen :wink:

Hi you three!

Thank you but I haven’t found what Chrisfrench is suggesting and the code by Oscar won’t do the trick either!

Any more ideas?



For me, it works fine.

Shame on me. Editing the header size does work flawlessly in the style.css, if one uses the right theme… :weary:

Yes, every theme use another CSS code for this :wink:
Nice that it works now for you