Blog Page issues

Hi everyone,

I’ve started blogged on Rapidweaver rather than Blogger to drive traffic to my site directly rather than through Blogger.

Every RW blog I’ve seen so far is formatted as I’d expect with the catagories and tags on the right hand side of the page and the text nicely formatted on the left.

My RW blog doesn’t come out like that. The text stretched across the page and there is no side bar for categories and tags. The images are also blown up to screen width. Setting the scaling just reduces the size of the image, but still blows it up to the full size of the page.

Including some html for a hit counter at the bottom of the page also results in this being blown up to the width of the screen too. Extensive research and forensic searching in the software itself has not turned up any solutions.
Is this a RW bug, something to do with the theme (Endeavour - MDD) or a toggle that I’ve missed somewhere?

RW 5.3, Endeavour theme.

Cheers for any help.

Just asking something obvious, but have you checked Styles for “Sidebar placement”? Looks like Endeavor has four options, one of them being “none”. You should select something else, naturally. Also have you checked Toggle for “Enable Responsive Content Images”? If you have selected that, I assume it will scale your images to 100 %, that is content-wide. Lastly, have you enabled Categories and Tags in Page settings?

Epic job. That’s nailed it.
I had side bar placement off because is messes with one of the content areas in the main site. Set the Blog page to ‘uses it’s own style’ and we’re cooking on elec again. Always the simple stuff. Cheers.