Making an address lookup capable to open Apple Maps

I hope that is clear. I want my address on my page to be selectable, and then able to be looked up using Apple Maps. I see this works on some sites I go to, but not on mine. Is there a way for me to set up the address so a viewer can click it and open the location on Apple Maps?

I didn’t do anything at all but I noticed that if I right-click (or alt-click) on the address in the footer bar I am given the option to look it up:

Worked, for me, just have to highlight the address and right or control click (not alt click for me) and click on Look Up and it works. see here

@bruce didn’t realize you were in MN, I live north of the cities.

Oops! It works for me too! I missed the fact that lookup took me to maps. Thanks for the heads up @zeebe.

You can also add a link to the address maps:your-address

it will then when clicked open apple maps or windows 10 maps app - not tried this on other windows versions though

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