Link to a google map opens app, not web page

In a stack, if I link an image to the URL for a Google map that I’ve created, then clicking the image on an iPhone opens the Google app and shows a map of your current location, NOT the Google map in my link (same might happen on Android, not sure). In a browser on a different device, it simply and correctly opens a page in the browser and shows the Google map. Seems like in the phone the browser (Chrome or Safari) does not pass the URL I specify to the app. I would actually prefer that it not open the Google app at all, but just open a new page in the browser showing the Google map I link to. Is there some way to force this to happen on all devices including iPhones?

Can you supply the url and link to the map you created?

Not sure how the URL helps since it appears to be an issue with the way iOS handles Google Maps URLs, but sure, this is one of the URLs I have that all exhibit this behavior. I’m hoping that there is some way I can configure the URL so that visitors who click an image with link on a mobile device will see the intended map and not just their current location, either in the Google Maps app or in the browser.

Your link opens up Google maps with the Canadian Rockies and your various pins (when zooming out) … on my iPad

Yes, when used directly it works fine, but not from the image on my web page (when viewed on iOS) that uses it. Try clicking the map image there.

Your website seems to overpower my connection, as not all images are loading. Yet I cannot reproduce your described behavior: when touching the barely visible image “map of locations” the Google maps app opens with the Rockies. When touching an image in the gallery, it opens in the light box, and e.g. the info sign displays a link open with GPS coordinates, which again opens the proper location in Google Maps (all on my iPad with iOS 13.3.1)

OK, it is confusing… your website had fully loaded, when I just checked it again. But this time a short touch indeed opens Google maps with my local location, whereas it showed the Rockies before. A long press allows to open the link as a new tab in the Safari browser with the proper Rockies location (on an iPad Safari acts like a desktop browser).

So different behavior now, but I have to answer/ solution for you, sorry

In my experience I’ve noticed different link behavior based on how the link is generated. For instance if one copies and pastes a link from a browser generated window versus copying/sharing a place generated in google via the varied sharing methods within the google map interface. Have you tried links generated in multiple ways? For instance when I do a quick google search on sharing a google map or place pin I see these google instructions. In my experience the url generated can be different than simply copying/pasting from a browser window. Granted the results may be the same but IMO here on this forum the more information supplied the quicker one finds a solution, this the request for the link. I’ll try and experiment some this evening and see what I can discover.

Thanks Guys… Great thoughts! I totally forgot about doing a long press to get the “open in new tab” option. That does open the right map in the browser, but the problem is that other viewers will also forget (or not know) that they can do this. So, I need a solution that always does the right thing. Which probably means using a different way to do the link. I just got done doing the same exploration as Dan to find an alternative type of link (rather than the link I currently use) and noticed a different link when I tell the My Map interface to preview the created map for me. So, I will try using that link and see if it works. If there are any other ways to generate a link to a saved map that anybody knows, please pass them along!

et voilá … the “preview” link seems to work and is now on the web page that I referred to above. I have no idea whether this issue could occur in any web page, or only those produced with RapidWeaver, or just those using the stack I’m using. But hopefully anybody running into it in their RW site will find this and have a solution. Thanks to you guys for your thoughts and direction!

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