Map stack for Apple maps

I sure wish someone would make a map stack using Apple Maps. Google is getting stupid!

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Sadly If you wanted to use this on your website, you would have to create an Apple Developer account for yourself. Its definitely a hurdle that makes it not extremely user friendly.

Same sort of deal with Google…I do understand.
Thanks Joe

This is a sidebar, but what’s the purpose of this map? I used to embed maps on all of my websites, but then I realized they really don’t contribute. They simply take up space and slow down page load times.

It’s usually more user-friendly to simply have the address correctly formatted (From an SEO-perspective, as well). Smartphones can click the address and it’ll take them to their GPS of choice.

Food for thought!

I have a client with over fifty locations, many of which are located in urban areas - and many of their clients are not familiar with where they are headed. So, having a map and driving directions is essential. However, from a layout standpoint, I totally agree.

I get around this by displaying the map in a lightbox. A fantastic side benefit is that NO Google API key is required.

I also have a popup for Driving Directions - unfortunately, this map does require a key. But, if users can get by with only a map in a Lightbox, no Google account is required.

You can see an example at:

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Great to know, thanks for sharing that tip!

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