Making the jump to RW6

(Andy Pearce) #1

Hi all, after quite a while away from developing websites I’m back at the screen and have a few to develop. I’m tempted to upgrade to RW6 but wanted to make sure I made the transition as smooth as possible and had contigency if anything went wrong.

As I understand it I can convert all of my old RW5 projects into RW6. Can I make a copy of each project first, upgrade them but still have a copy of the old ones which I can use on RW5 on the same mac?

I also wanted to check whether there was anything I had to do with all of my stacks purchases or will they all just work on 6 and in 5 if I have to go back to it?

(Nik Fletcher) #2

You’ll need to open and save your projects in RW 5.4.1 before they’ll open in RW6.

But. After that, RapidWeaver will create a copy of your file, upgrade it to the RW6 format, and save as a separate document. If you’re concerned about RW6 reading (and that’s all we do: read) the document, you can create a copy. But that’s not necessary.

In terms of migrating stacks etc, RW6 will copy over your RW5 addons - however your plugins will only be copied if they have a RW6 version inside of them. So. Check your plugins are up to date, and then you’ll be good to go.

Full guide:


(Nik Fletcher) #3

Oh, and to note: RapidWeaver 5 and 6 are separate apps. That means that once your addons are copied to RW6, any updates for addons will be installed for RW6 only.

(Andy Pearce) #4

Thanks Nik, so effectively I could still run RW5 and open up the RWSW files to work in the old environment? Can the add ons be manually updated for RW5 if necessary?

I suspect that once I’ve made the jump, much like changing to a next gen console, that I won’t really find the need to go back to RW6 but I’d like to have that security blanket if I find issues with RW6 with a deadline looming.

(Nik Fletcher) #5

RapidWeaver 6 opens and converts to a .rw6 file format. So there’s no way to take a RW6 project file back to 5, I’m afraid.


(Andy Pearce) #6

I understand once the file is converted to a .rw6 there’s no using it on RW5 but as I understand it there will still be a .rwsw file which I can open and use in RW5? I know the rwsw will be out of date once I’ve started work on the RW6 version but I still have the option of using RW5, with all of the old plugins / add ons and the original rwsw files don’t I?

(Nik Fletcher) #7

Oh, absolutely. We only ever read in information or projects from RW5 (not that you’d need to revert to RW5, of course).

(Andy Pearce) #8

ok, I’ve purchased RW6, followed the upgrade guide but didn’t get any prompts or anything to show me which snippets, themes etc have been copied over. I only have 5 themes on show. Is this because I installed a few of the beta versions of RW6 but never really had the chance to use it? How do I get it to act as a new install or am I missing something?

(Andy Pearce) #9

Any help would be appreciated. Process worked fine on my Macbook where I’d never installed RW6 before but on my main machine I can’t see how to start the upgrade process again…

(Andy Pearce) #10

Sorry all, think I may have found what I’m looking for now…!