RW 5.x to 6.x - Safe and Solid?

Hello Everyone-

Ok, I’ve been standing on the sidelines to go from 5.x to 6.x. I’m not an advanced user. I manage 1 web site that has stacks and the usual add-ons.

I’d like to support RMS by purchasing RW6, but I’ve been waiting until it was safe and solid. It reads like its nice and solid now, but wanted to ask: Are we there yet? If so, any tips to making the transition?


I too held off; but I’d say we’re there :slight_smile: !

Carful planning and following all the guides about moving Addons in particular - they’re in a new directory within ~/Library - will help. I’m very happy with RW6. Good luck!

I initially had major publishing troubles with RW6, but it’s working great for me now!

Only thing of note: you’ll need to save your RW5 projects with RW 5.4.1 to ensure they open in RapidWeaver 6. We have a full upgrade guide:


Great. Good to know. I’m looking forward to the upgrade.


Does Rapideaver 6 overwrite 5.4.1 or do we get to keep both versions on our macs? I’m looking into the upgrade now but am so nervous of this kind of transition!

RapidWeaver 6 has a different filename - RapidWeaver instead of The only case where it would overwrite RapidWeaver 5 is if you’d renamed RapidWeaver 5 as RapidWeaver 6 :wink:

Right. I’m doing it now. I’m sweating…but cautiously optimistic.

Everything should be fine, if RapidWeaver 6 does not work for you, you still have RapidWeaver 5 to go back to! :smiley:

Ok, it’s downloaded! I’m going to open my personal website in it, and start having a play, and We’ll see what happens ;-).

After that works right, go and get Stacks 3 public beta!! You will love that even more!!

Can I test out Stacks 3 in Rapidweaver 6 without it interfering with Stacks 2 in Rapidweaver 5.4.1?

Yes, RapidWeaver 5 and RapidWeaver 6 keep the add-ons in different areas, so you can set up RapidWeaver 6 with Stacks 3 and still keep RapidWeaver 5 with Stacks 2 without issues.

I’m a wee bit confused, my Rapidweaver 5.4.1 is all kept here: gaby/library/application support/rapidweaver/
so where might my new Rapidweaver 6 stuff be?
I want to make a back up of all the Rapidweaver 6 stuff before I download and install Stacks 3.

The RW6 addons are in a separate location: you can reveal the folder location by opening the RapidWeaver 6 menu -> hold option -> Reveal Addons Folder.


Oo wow, Ok a totally different area on my mac, ok thanks for the info ;-).

The location is determined by OS X, unfortunately.

If I want to backup the stacks 2 just in case stacks 3 causes problems, am I just backing up ‘Stacks.rapidweaverplugin’?

I haven’t read all the comments above yet to this may be a reiteration of the statements above:

I have been using RW6 since launch, Stacks 3 since it’s been in beta, and foundation Since it’s lunch over a year ago. each of these products has been amazing at work phenomenally well for my needs. Over the past year I have grown from being a casual user to what some would consider a power user.

I would highly recommend each of these three products.

NOTE: I no longer have rapid Weaver 5 or Stacks 2 install it on my computers

Thanks for that :wink:

I am now using Rapidweaver 6 and Stacks 3…and holy macaroni stacks 3 has got its own ipad preview mode!!!

This is rather blissful :smile:

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