Problem with RW6 not copying over the RW5 addons, only using the RW5 addon folder

A friend of mine is going crazy with getting RW6 up and running. He has bought a new computer, transferred his user folder to the new Mac and RW5 is running just fine as it did before on the old machine. Now he has downloaded RapidWeaver 6 (not yet licensed) and started it. When he was asked if he wanted to copy over all the RW5 addons he was presented the correct folder containing the old addons and confirmed it. After about 2 seconds RW6 tells that a handful of addons had been copied (he has much more than these). After quitting and restarting RW6 nearly none of his addons are visible. When having a remote look with Teamviewer on his Mac I was saw that the new directory in which all addons for RW6 are located hasn’t been created at all. As a test he downloaded Stacks 3 and double-clicked it. Then he was told that there’s already an older version of Stacks and if he wants to update it. And then I realized that RW6 is simply using the addon-folder of RW5 instead of creating and using the new location.
Then we tried it the “hard way” and created the new path by hand and copied some new RW6 compatible stacks in this location. After starting RW6 we see that they are not shown, because RW6 obviously insists to use the old RW5 addon-location.
So, what can we do to “force” RW6 to use the correct directory (or to create it “automagically”)? We’re getting crazy here and lost hours meanwhile with this issue. Would be glad for any help, thanks!

  1. Restart the Mac.
  2. Remove the folder at ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/
  3. Restart the Mac (again) - this time it is critical that you do this immediately after step 2.
  4. Try re-migrating from RW5.


Thanks Nik for that super-fast response. Will try that and get back to you here…

Hi Nik, I’m sorry to say that this procedure didn’t change anything. Any further tips?