Managing PDF’s with multi users

Hi all

I need some help!

I’d like to have a button on my site to open a PDF into a new browser window.

However the PDF will need to change often and need to be updated by a few different people. Is there a way I can give everyone an update on the site that changes the PDF?

I’ve looked at Total CMS but am I right in saying that it’s $99 just for one site then if I need another site it’s another $99?

Many Thanks

Yes, Total CMS is a per site suite of stacks. Very powerful but may be overkill for your needs.

If you can organise the people updating the PDF so they don’t cross over (i.e. they don’t try and edit the PDF at the same time) then you could just use something like Stacks4Stacks’ Fileman stack to upload the PDF to a directory on your web server. Then, so long as the PDF always has the same name, you can just link to it from the button.

Wow! That’s perfect.

Thank you so much!!

Hope it works out for you. Please donate to the Stack developer if you find it solves your problem.


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