CMS File upload stack?

Hoping there might be a CMS type stack out there that allows client to upload documents for the public to read and download?

I’m not looking for something like repository stack (excellent as it is) which is more like a document management system for people with access. Rather it’s to create a list of documents for anyone to look at and download but NOT edit or delete. Neither should the public be able to upload anything.

Total CMS does this well and will suit a couple of clients but in this instance it is the ONLY feature required so TCMS is overkill.

Just to explain: the clients are local town councils who have to display minutes of monthly meetings by law for up to 6 years. The clerk should be able to login and upload PDFs that then display on a public page - CMS style.

What about this stack? Paperless | Stacks4Stacks


I have used FilMan from Stacks4Stacks there are several out there.
Although for CMS I used TotalCMS that also has a stack for this and lets me have my client manage this rather than me getting involved along with their video blogs news blogs etc.

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as @RapidBase mentioned, it seems Paperless will do everything you want. Great stack.

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Looks promising - so client would upload to a directory using Fireman or Droplet for example and Paperless displays the directory. Need to give this a go. Thankyou !

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