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hi guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen and everybody else,
a client wants me to install cms onb his site and having had great response to sites with easy cms i naturally turn to total cms. question: is it possible for my client to add pdf files to his site via totasl cms WITHOUT going through “resources” (obviously!) and without using an ftp app to park the pdf files on the server?
thanks for suggesting a possible solution! cheers,

Maybe Collect from @yuzool ?

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You can add files into the blog Hipwig editor or you can use the Depot stack with Total CMS.


@tnittner As @jochenabitz already said, TCMS covers it all: you can either use the file upload in the Hipwig editor or the “Depot” stack (for whole lists of downloadable files). Another option would be to use the “File” stack of TCMS, which handles single file uploads.

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hi jannis, “collect” stack looks like a good idea, except that i cann ot buy it without joining a club for $ 15,- a month!!! i don’t want any membership shenanigan, i just want a stack!!! i think that whole membership thingy is nonsense, i already decided on “affinity photo” (dirt cheap by the way) because i can buy the app straight forward without a monthly fee.
just sayin’ greetings, tomas


thanks to all, you were very helpful!

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hi jannis aka @instacks, so i went ahead and got myself “collect” from michel frankland together with a bunch of other (eventually) useful stacks. now it seems that “collect” doesn’t seem to be the solution to my little problem :frowning: as far as i understand it, “collect” lets the user upload pdf and other files which are than collected my the owner of the site with an ftp app from the server.
what i need is probably something else: my pesky little client wants to be able to upload his own pdf files and change them when a new project comes along. he wouldn’t know the firsat thing about an ftp app, besides he doesn’t want to collect files, he just wants to be able to change them.
now: does anybody have an idea what stack i could use if i.e. i want to implement “easy cms” (which i already own) and without calling the heavy artillery namely “total cms”.
thanks for all your assistance and cheers,

@willwood has the droplet stack that allows for drag & drop file upload. Not sure if it’s what you are looking for but I used it on a site to allow client to upload photos to one of @instacks galleries.

@tnittner Hm, I thought you’re using Total CMS for the site you’re talking about. And I said in my answer that Total CMS gives you exactly the options which you need. So, why did you choose another solution (Collect stack) instead of using the built-in tool of the CMS you’re already using? Or did I understand wrong and you are not using Total CMS on that site…?

servus, matthias, my bad! i had been unsing “easy cms” up to now, i just thought that i might get by with that. but it looks like i have to take the plunge (or rather the client) and shell out $ 100 for total cms. inless of course, i just insert a text stack where he can insert a link to his dropbox so that viewers can download the pdf from there…
thanks and greetings,

With Easy CMS, you can upload PDF files into Hipwig. It will then give you a download link to that PDF. You can enable file uploads inside the Admin Core stack.


thanks a bunch, joe! you’re very helpful - as seems to be your usual behaviour :nerd_face:

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