Manual for 8.7?

Clicking on Manual from the Help menu takes me to the RapidWeaver product page. Where is the actual manual? Am I missing something?

Be nice to have an HTML or PDF of the manual to review…

There is no manual. It’s a feature that’s been missing since RW7.

The community site is no good either. They list themes and stacks that haven’t been updated or supported for years, and from developers that have long ridden off into the sunset.

You’ll get good support on here though from other RW users.


There was an RW7 pdf manual that mostly still apply, but the link no longer wotks.
@dan where is that link?

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I believe it was here;

Great fix to requests for a manual :wink:

@NeilUK we’ve tried to remove all the inactive developers from the community site, can you let me know what ones are still listed that you think no longer support RW? (cc’ing @ben)

Along with working on a new Realmac site, we’re busy working on an online help guide, over the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding to this until it’s a full in-depth manual for all our products.

Please remember the support site is a work-in-progress and will improve over time.

Hope that helps.

P.S. The RW7 PDF Manual can be found here, all of this content will be updated and migrated to the new online help guide.

P.P.S Oh and if you want a real blast from the past, I recently found the user guide for RapidWeaver 3.0.2 from way back in 2004 :scream:

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Thanks Dan. I had originally bought RW 5, then upgraded to 6. Then went to a PC for a year or so for work. Have never found a competitive package like RW for Windows. I’m probably going to spend the $70 to upgrade to 8, but sure makes you wonder about the company when issues like this come up.

Thanks for the link.


Just a quick update to say we’re continuing to work on the manual, we’ve added a bunch more content to our online help system. Feedback appreciated.

The online help system is very good. Thanks

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