In depth PDF manual link broken?

The link to the manual just goes to a 404 page. A temporary glitch or has the lesser spotted RW manual retreated back into its cave for the winter?

We’re moving everything online to here:

We’re finding that RapidWeaver is progressing at a fast pace and it’s better to always have the most up-to-date information online. A PDF manual gets outdated very quickly.


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That’s disappointing. Thanks.

I am also gravely disappointed at this level of support.

I think this level of support does not adequately meet the needs of the users. I think there needs to be more in-depth support for end users.

I waited for 5 weeks :loudspeaker: for a response to my recent ticket (which included everything from the RW file itself to my FTP credentials) and all I got after 5 weeks was an email :envelope_with_arrow: asking “How did we do? Please take the survey.”

I find support for RW at Realmac bizarre and disappointing.


I’m sorry to hear that, we do our best to reply to all emails we receive within a few days. Your email must have somehow been missed.

You can download the manual here:

We also have some online documentation and troubleshooting guides here:

We’ve also just posted a new series of video tutorials to help users get started:

Did you manage to resolve your issue, or do you still need help?


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TYPO @dan

try this:

Thanks, corrected now!

I’ve also added a link to the PDF manual to the Support section in the footer area on the main site.