Manually start a slideshow

(Marvin Mantyk) #1

I want the viewer to be able to start a slide, usually after reading a text. The progression of the images is important to the telling of a story. I have been using Impact and several other slide stacks. Ideally, the slide should show in a lightbox. I appreciate any suggestions.

(Jason Bostick) #2

Not totally sure that I understand what you’re after but a couple of things came to mind:

(Marvin Mantyk) #3

My bad. I needed to specify that it was to start a slideshow. The sliders I have will start immediately on loading or when scrolled into view. It’s important that the viewer has a chance to read the text and then see the slideshow presenting the pictures in proper sequence. I hope this helps.

(Doug Bennett) #4

I thought impact had an autoplay switch?

(Jason Bostick) #5

Yes, Impact also has external controls, so I believe you could set a ‘play’ button after your text. You can see an example on the demo site:

(Marvin Mantyk) #6

That would be a perfect solution if I were able to do it. Unfortunately, I’m a novice and have no clue on how to add classes to a button. I would appreciate help on understanding how to do this.

(Jason Bostick) #7

I’m not at my RW computer to show a screenshot, but I see a similar one at this link here:

So, when you go to set the link for your button, use javascript:void(0) as your URL, and then click the little ‘plus’ button under custom attributes. The name would be class and the value would be one of the ‘Impact’ classes.

@zeebe can correct me if I’m wrong but that should be all you need.

Button Plus is my ‘go-to’ button stack, but it should work with others as well.

(Marvin Mantyk) #8


I hope you don’t mind my responding directly to your email. I am attaching 2 screen shots of my button and Impact settings as

it does not seem to be working. Also, is there a way to stop Impact from autoplay until it’s activated from an external control?

I really appreciate the time you have already spent on me.


(Jason Bostick) #9

Happy to help but I’m going a little bit off of guesswork/memory for some of this as I don’t have access to RW at my day job. I’ll defer to the Joe Workman crew, but I think the class may need to match one of the ones listed here: so impactid-start for example.

The easier thing might be to try and donwload the demo project and check out the settings there. There’s a link to the demo project in the left sidebar of this page:

As for the autoplay, I think there should be a setting for that in the Impact setup as well.

(Marvin Mantyk) #10

By Golly I got it, or I should say, You Got It! However, Impact continues to start immediately on loading or when scrolled into view. I searched for a setting to control this but to no avail. Any one know where it is at?

(Doug Bennett) #11

From the documentation under Animation there are two buttons for autoplay default is true, false (play once)

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