Inserting a Video in the Impact Stack

Does anyone know how to insert a video into the Impact slideshow stack? I found where you can drag an image file in, although I haven’t actually tried that yet, but I want to place some videos in the stack. Thank You!

Hi @cynthia, Joe’s website has a video on how to use it and also a Doc Portal for the instructions, but the quick answer is when you click the Impact + button at the bottom of the stack, it will prompt you for image, video or controls.


The videos that you use need to be uploaded to your server, ideally you would put them in a separate folder or subdomain. Then simply add an Impact Video slide using the + button and specify the url to your video in the settings.

.mp4 will cover most browsers but you should also really provide the video in .ogv (.ogg) format as well to ensure total cross browser compatibility.

Don’t forget to also include a poster image with the video, this will be displayed in browsers that do not support video or have it disabled.

hi Brad,

It’s funny I didn’t try that yet, I was looking in the side panel for a way to insert the video. Thanks so much for your help!

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That’s great - thanks for all the info. I didn’t realize about the +. I was hoping to keep the videos in the RapidWeaver Resouces area, but I haven’t tried that yet, so maybe I’ll do a separate folder as you said. Thanks again!

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Hi all,
I have just bought the Impact stack too.
I have managed to get video playing ok when on my MacBook but am not sure about mobile devices.
Does the stack support play on mobile devices at all…there is a popup help that says touch devices are not auto-play…but I can’t get video to play at all on iPhone.
Are touch/mobile devices able to play at all on Impact or other stacks??
Is there another stack out there that would autoplay video on mobile devices?
Thanks for all help and advise.
Cheers Scott

No, Impact will not allow you, as it is a slider stack, and when the video would come up, it would offer a big PLAY button and Joe and Andrew thought it would not be attractive on a website. Autoplay is NOT allowed on iOS, that is from Apple and nothing can be done about it.

ok thanks zeebe, appreciate the feedback.
Cheers Scott