Map addon and SEO help please!


I’m looking for a map addon to show locations of classes for a dance school. Something I noticed when I searched ‘pilates class Kingston’ is that sometimes the first thing on the google listings is a bunch of schools each shown with a map and their location.

I anyone able to tell me whether these schools are listed high because they’re using a google map in their site or is this some clever SEO stuff that is done outside of the web building programme? (Maybe using google analytics or something?)

So further to that, is there a map addon that is especially good and would help get this school to the top of the search listings?

I get that SEO is a whole business by itself so appreciate there is no quick fix. I’m quite new to website making so I’m pretty novice in all areas.

Thanks very much for any comments in advance!


You can add your business to Google, including website link, photo’s, contact details, opening times and a map location. There are various links, but this one might help you get started:

To begin with, you’ll need to provide all the details of your business and be verified as the business owner. It might take a couple of weeks, but eventually your business details will show on Google.


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Thank you! @willwood

You can also add geolocation meta tags to your site. Here is a nice little generator for that…

You can also do this with my SEO Helper stack that comes with Foundation. If you are not using my Foundation stacks, I will be releasing this as an external set soon.

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