Where’s my website?

This is more than likely a really dumb question :joy:
I’ve now built a number of sites in Rapidweaver uploaded them with no problems and within a short time Goggle has indexed them. 7-8 all fine and working, and able to be found. Never really been up on SEO and have in the past just built them and pushed them up onto the web.

So after over 12 months, why can’t I find this site I’ve built by a search?
…and how do I go about rectifying this please?

The site is http://www.daltonparishcouncil.co.uk
If you put in dalton parish council… nothing, add Lancashire and it finds the parish next to it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What have I done wrong?
Thanks Jon

One possible reason, there are probably more, it’s not https - Google likes https


Have you submitted your sitemap using Google Webmaster tools?

If that’s the search phrase you are looking to be found with, you might want to put it in an <h1> tag.
The page above has no headings h1-h6’s at all. You also could add a description Meta tag. I also didn’t see a robots index meta tag.

Google doesn’t have any pages from your site indexed.

The Google fonts are being blocked from loading because (I suspect) the theme is referencing them from http: instead of https:

Your site does have an SSL certificate installed (https://www.daltonparishcouncil.co.uk) so you should redirect all versions of your to the https version.

As @teefers mentioned, there’s no robots meta tag for “index” or “no index”, which is possibly why Google hasn’t indexed the site.

Thanks guys… I’ve never really added anything, meta tag wise or used Google tools. As its worked in the past straight out of the box, I’ve just run it, this is the only one thats not indexed. Its in RW6 and at the time I had no understanding of H1 headings, now using Foundry with RW8 so thats easy re the H1-6. The robots index tag, I’m taking it I put it in the settings, under code?.. how should it look in full please?

I‘d had this in the descriptions… I take it thats wrong as well? :roll_eyes:

Those are not valid meta tags
Description: your descriptive text
Title: your title
Keywords: your keyword list comma separated

There are others, google meta tags

Are you updating this site to be RW8?
If so there’s a “description field” and “robots index” settings in the page inspector.
I would delete the invalid meta tags you have, and don’t worry about keywords as search engines haven’t looked at that meta tag in over a decade.

Thanks Doug, I will do now. and I‘II delete the invalid cr@p I had in there. Thanks for your help.
All this meta tag/google stuff is a pain! :laughing:

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They did make a lot of that stuff easier since RW6.
Also make sure you submit the website to google, bing etc.

You might try this http://nibbler.silktide.com

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Thanks again for all your help, and thanks for the heads up re nibbler, I think I really need to pay more attention to the workings that go on in the background. Cheers Jon

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