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I seem to be even more half witted than usual.
I have bought Joe Workmans SEO Helper stacks.

I want to use them on a couple of new Foundry sites.

I got a demo site and the stacks. But for the life of me I cant find any basic first step instructions!

Like do I add them to all pages?

Or make one SEO helper page?

I feel there miust be a few pages of directions … But I cant see them !

Did you watch the tutorial video? It’s a live stream that I did 2 weeks ago. I plan on making shorter specific video soon.

The demo file also has decent overview on how to use it. Read the text boxes added.

Essentially the basic is add the SEO meta stack to each page and enter in the data into that. That will get you pretty far.

Hi Joe. Thanks for getting back

Yes I did watch the video and am watching it again.
I just thought I must be missing doc instructions.
The video is very long ! So I tend to get side tracked by people and things about 20 times while trying to watch.
I’ll try again.

Ok So its a good start to know that I add the basic stack to all pages.

Id like to do the site map submit. So this I create a hidden page for … I think.

I also thought I read I could add the site master tools aut. code using the stacks?

I have added basic stack It says in preview: You should disable meta tags, description and robots inside RapidWeaver if you are defining them with SEO Helper.

How do I do this? And is SEO helper meta tags betyter than the ones I have added and will disable?

Sorry! I’m mortified that I seem to be the only person not getting this !

With regard to the sitemap stacks I replied to a post on where I detailed how I set things up with screenshots, it may help you.

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Brilliant. Thank youi I’ll check that out now.

Your not the only one, this often happens and great that @joeworkman is, the pitch is sometimes too high for a lot of us that want simple points covered like…

  1. Foundation already has an SEO Helper so why do we need this new stack?
  2. Do we use this new stack at the same time as Foundations built in SEO helper?
  3. Rapidweaver also has SEO, Keywords, page descriptions etc, do we still use this if we use SEO helper?
  4. I have also used Sitemap Plus for many years, do I still use that with SEO Helper either built in to Foundation or this new Stack or don’t use Sitemap Plus if your using SEO helper.?
    Any guidance would be great for those of us not so advanced with these kind of things.
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The new one has way more features to help with SEO
Pick one… as with most tools, choose what works for you. You don’t want to put meta tags in multiple ways. Same goes for sitemap, pick one method.

  1. This replaces the one in Foundation 1.x, they can co exist so if you have a site with an extensive SEO setup already you can have both on the page (though not with duplicate tags) The new SEO Helper has far more extensive and upto date tags.
  2. Yes if you want to though as I said in 1. don’t duplicate. If you have little existing SEO on a site it’s worth the investment in time to replace the existing with the new.
  3. No, not if you don’t want to. I like to see stuff on the edit page and not tucked away in a little visited tab in the RW info panel so I use the SEO stacks solely without any of the RW built-in tag settings applied.
  4. The SiteMap stacks replaces SM+. I’ve used SM+ for years but have now switched to the SEP helper stacks as I find them easier to manage, SM+ is good but I think the stacks are better.

If you have an existing site that’s already SEO’d and SiteMap’d then it’s a bit of a chore to replace the stuff but you only have to to it once. Any new site will be easy as you’ll build with the new stuff straight out the box.


Thanks @swilliam that clears up a lot. I like to use Joe’s stacks as much as possible but still wonder if one is better than the other?. I suppose at this stage as I know it so well I’ll continue to use Sitemap plus.

When you need the more advanced things or more structured data stuff then use the new SEOHelper

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Thank you everyone, this helps a great deal and I now know I may not be loosing my mind.

I too am a big Joe Workman fan.

For the record I find written directions ar easier for me. In an ideal world I like both.
A long video is hard esp. when lots of it doesnt apply to what one needs right there and then.

Thank you all !

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