🗺 NEW OpenStreetMap Stack

(Mathew Mitchell) #21

Wow, I love the improvements and additions! Many thanks.

What “extras” will Mapbox provide? I visited their website but it’s still not clear to me what additional functionality it will provide for this stack.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #22

In Mapbox, you are able to design your own map.
Different layers, appearance, vector shades, etc.

This map you are then easily able to add to this Stack and display it. Definitely nothing for the average user, but sometimes needed for the pro ones :wink:

(Mathew Mitchell) #23

Got it! Thanks.

I noticed when I go to OpenStreetMap that they offer a “layers” option. And with that option you get different views that focus on key “elements” including: cycling, transport, and humanitarian. I’d love love love to take advantage of one of these layers when doing a map. Is this possible? (I don’t think it’s already part of your stack, but is this remotely doable to add in the future?)

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #24

Yes, I have seen that it is possible to overlay a base map with additional layers. If you have detailed base map and layer requirements, let me know.
This is definitely not implemented by today but should not be difficult on technical side.

(Justin Bamforth) #25

Jannis my map doesn’t seem to be retina anymore since the last update.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #26

Pleas send me your map page URL via email: https://instacks.com/contact/

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #27

Just published a great new update (version 1.2.0) for OpenStreetMap Stack.

Now you have the possibility to use maps and styles from Mapbox. With that, you are able to built your own maps inside the Mapbox Studio and display them easily on a RW Stacks page. Some examples therefore here, but at the end you have endless possibilities in building your own maps.
@rolisize A feature you might be looking for.

In addition to that, I added a lot of free maps from Esri.

This is a free update for all current users via Stacks Updater or Paddle Locker.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #28

OpenStreetMap Stack Version 2.0 - GDPR friendly map integration

A new version is out, as a free update for every existing customer.

  • Local library integration, no external library references
  • 10 markers, now with links and different color pins
  • The new default option of OpenStreetMap Germany loads the map from German servers
  • If that’s not enough, works nicely together with CookieManager, see demo here: https://osmdemo.instacks.com/cookie/

Save 25% with discount code FUNWITHMAPS, valid until 25. May 2018


DSGVO und Google Maps
OpenStreetMap Stack und Serverabfrage
(Nigel) #29

Thank you. Will be moving my google maps over to OSM.

(Phil) #30

+1, avoiding API keys

(harry) #31

Hey Jannis,
your OSM stack looks great.
Good work!
I’ missing the styling options to pull the map into the ci of the customer.
You probably know snazzy but … anyway …
Stylingpossibilities like these would be great: https://snazzymaps.com
Keep up the good work.


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #32

You can use https://www.mapbox.com

(harry) #33

aren’t those “just” presets that you can use and display?

(harry) #34

… and how about GDPR there at mapbox?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #35

You are able to design your own maps at Mapbox. Mapbox is, afaik, located in U.S., so you would have to use some sort of user permission to display the map (like with CookieManager).

(Andy D) #36

OK you convinced me. Thanks for the discount!


Just implemented this to replace one of the google map stacks that now requires an API. I added the stack, put the co-ordinates in and it works a treat - without an API key.

Many thanks for this great stack. Goodbye google!

(Alexander) #38

Hi! Can you suggest, how I can place gradient overlay over the map, with ability to move map inside stack by mouse.
I try BWD SectionsBox stack with enabled “Click through”. But it allow make me clicks only on Markers and Zoom, not map itself (mouse pointer don’t change to “hand”). So i can only change zoom of the map and open/close markers text. I try to play with Z-indexes, but without success.
Thank You!
P.S. Please, update MapBox part of the stack tutorial. Current MapBox studio share links and keys by different way.

(Paul Russam) #39

I had the same problem with Mapbox, this should fix it for you. https://forum.rw4all.com/t/openstreetmap-mapbox-settings/799

I doubt you’ll ever get an overlay AND access to the content under it, it’s just not how things work.

(Alexander) #40

Thank you! But why i can interact with the Markers? OK, in my case, maybe we can find a way to make a moving map with gradient opacity? This also will be a solution for me