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(Jannis from inStacks Software) #41

You might be able to do that in MapBox.

(Alexander) #42

Maybe i can’t explain what i need. I need a moving map with this type of effect.

I can do it only using a gradient mask over the OSM stack, but in this case I can’t move the map under it.
In MapBox i don’t know, how i can use gradient mask. Only full background opacity.
Maybe exist a third way or advanced knowledge of MapBox? i.e. use overlay gradient image only over the right part of the map, allow user move it only clicking by mouse on the left side.

Thank You!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #43

This gradient cannot be done inside OSM Stack, if you want to move the map. As said, maybe in MapBox.

(Paul Russam) #44

Give this a try, the part of the map under the gradient is inaccessible to the mouse but the rest of it is ok.
Screenshot: https://cl.ly/4f3d5ab1e57e

(Alexander) #45

Thank You! I think it’s enough for my task. Anyway, users start to click around if something don’t work by first time :wink: