Markdown in RW Blog Page

(Florian Gintenreiter) #1

I like to write my posts in a writing app called ULYSSES that uses Markdown (writing directly in RW is very inconvenient), then I’d like to use RW’s built-in Blog page to publish the posts. In order to do that I have to copy/past the text to the blog-plugin, strip all the formatting-chars like ### * and _ and / and go through the text, reformatting it with RW’s tools. Is there a better way to go from Ulysses to Rapid Weaver?
I want to use RW Blog’s Tags, categories and stuff and I have implemented Disqus for commenting, so I can not go the obvious route of making a normal Markdown-Page per blogpost.
Maybe is there an alternative Blog Plugin for RW that can do that?

I’m not a web developer and my knowledge about css, html and stuff is extremely limited.

this is the page I’m talking about

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Yes, there are much better ways! But it also means using a different tool for your blog posts.

My favorite is the Armadillo CMS. But it’s a CMS, and I use it for more than blog posts (I also use it for entire pages or part of pages). But it’s a great product. More here:

Perhaps the best choice for you (since you do not need a CMS) is the Poster stack. Everything is done within RW. As I understand it you could use the Markdown stack (free with Stacks) to enter your blog content. Just simple copy/paste from Ulysses (which is an outstanding writing app). Read here:

More here:

I have purchased Poster but won’t be using it on a project until this summer: so I don’t know all the ins and outs. I’m sure @instacks can confirm/deny whether Markdown can be used for the “body” or content of a blog post but in some very quick testing on my part it seems to work just fine. Also given the content of your blogs it seems that Poster would be a very nice fit. It is 30 euros but seems well worth it.

(Florian Gintenreiter) #3

Thank you very much, Poster was exactly what I was looking for. I purchased Poster straight away.

Yes Markdown can be used with Poster, I just dragged the RW Markdown stack in there.

It’s a bit of a mess to convert older blog-posts to Poster, but I don’t have that many, so it should be done in an afternoon.

thanks again.

(Mathew Mitchell) #4

Great! Poster is a great additional tool for RW. You probably already noticed this but here’s a short list of Poster tools that will be coming

  • RSS feed
  • Social metadata tags
  • Additional layouts
  • Additional pagination styling options
  • Search

I’m particularly looking forward to Search capabilities!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

Thanks @Mathew !

Just returned from vacation and already started to get back to business.