Manipulating the Blog Plugin in RW7

How can extra content be put into the blog add on in RW?

How can the body text style be manipulated so that it is the same by default? I want to avoid having to reformat every blog.

There are snippets for extra content, see this site

Can this be put into the blog plugin? I am trying to push the limits of the blog plugin.

Put it in the sidebar. NOW, you have to use HTML with the snippets, so you can NOT take a stack from a stacks page and put it into the blog page with these snippets.

There are SO many alternatives out there for blogging inside of RapidWeaver. Total CMS offers a blog, Armadillo does, RWWriter is a stack blogging platform. Until Realmac decides that their blog is going to mean something (aka make it available on a stacks page, make an iOS app to add new blog posts to, add linking to social networks) their blog is pretty much useless. Just my 2¢.

Sho ya right.

Armadillo is complex to set up. I bought it and struggled about a week just trying to get it set up. Never worked for me and my hosting people could not help me with the configuration on their side. Total CMS Is Totally too expensive for me. RW Writer puts my blog and all its content on another site. I have had bad experiences with such sites being sold and then dumped so I am nervous about that arrangement. I prefer to have everything on my computer and be able to just find another host and upload.

Maybe what I am doing is not better and maybe worse, but I am trying to imagine another solution since the others are not working for me.

You said SO many but, you named the three I know about. Did I miss some?

typed .com and the blog stack from @jannis at instacks works great. Yes, there is a small monthly fee but the hassle free system is worth it.

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Where do I find this blog stack from @jannis?


I have four blogs so the fee will not be small for me.

I gave up the RW Blog and am using stacks pages. I use a handmade alphabetical list instead of categories and archives. I make the main pages with Stacks and have one “home page” with picture and first paragraph much like the blog but again, I make in stacks. The latest 6 “reports” rotate down and off the “home page” just like the blog.

Yes, it’s manual but totally worth it to rid myself of the Blog and be able to use Stacks.

If you have multiple blogs, as in your case, there is no simple answer. The Rapidweaver blog is very long in the tooth, there is no way you can use stacks to vary the look/feel and all the other alternatives involve levels of complexity and increasing cost. There is a gap in the market right there.

Can you provide link to your site?

BTW, What does RM use to make this site? Does anyone know a reason why they don’t include a full featured blogging plugin? Seems this has been desirable since the beginning. If there is a question, lets doe a poll to find out. There have been many additions that are a lot less beneficial to users. Maybe someone from RM could comment on this?

My website is Built with RW. You can see what I have done so far. I am hoping to keep updating features while developing content. Note the blogs are post dated. that is my target release date. It is still in “beta”. I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions.

The SEO augmentation is coming.

Id like to use the Disqus feature but it fails to launch on publication, so far.

It is intended to be a site to crowd source solutions for human problems so i really need the interactivity with minimal hassle and technical glitches.

I use the RW blog plugin and display stacks on the page. Here’s how I do it.


Theme: Writer by NCD
Addons: Stacks 3, Houdini by JW (Teleporter would work, too), PlusKit


  1. Add PlusKit page to RW project
  2. Create separate Stacks page using Houdini to dictate placement of desired stacks
  3. Use @import statement to bring stacks onto the plugin page
  4. Smile

On my blog, I import the sidebar content on top of and below the blog plugin archives/categories/tags/rss as well as the footer content.

There are plenty of options out there for blogging and I’ve tried most. I opted to use the plugin because I have faith that given the prevalence of blogging, the plugin will get attention in an upcoming update. At the end of the day, you have to choose the solution that fits your criteria. This becomes especially important as once you’ve built up a huge database of articles, it’s challenging and time consuming to change platforms.

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FWIW, I use WP-Blog, which allows me to continue using my wordpress blogs, and MarsEdit (which I love) for updating.

(I actually paid $300 for the full fare, and basically never use it. There is no native integration with RW; there is no standard interface to allow third-party software to work; there is no customized app for it either. Extremely disappointed, that this far along, it’s just a proprietary platform.)

If you want to see what my WP blog looks like, here it is:


Awesome solution, works for me Chet! Thanks a Million!

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