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Have had a basic blog page running for several years, using free Disqus service. To add a post I need to go into RW. A colleague would like to add blog posts too. Is there a setup that enables us to do this without needing to use RW. I feel I should know this but can’t see an obvious way.

There’s quite a few blogging cms options that allow you to create posts from outside RapidWeaver, you can search for more but here’s some(in no particular order)to get you started:

  • Armadillo
  • goCMS
  • Poster Stack
  • Pulse CMS
  • easyCMS
  • Total cms

The price and features very.


Don’t forget Alloy as well. :wink:


Don’t forget…there is a Blog stack to read from there.
My users love that ability.

I don’t think easyCMS includes a blogging feature. I suppose you could sort of do it manually.

There’s also Will’s Tumblr-based Microblog stack which still works (though there are some limitations with previewing if you’re in the UK, IIRC).

Thanks everyone for all the replies. I think that as we will be rebuilding the site this year with Foundry, Alloy would seem to be the best choice. I haven’t looked closely at Alloy - will it permit posting from outside RW or will I still need a CMS tool?


Alloy is fantastic. It has a very nice web-based editor. This editor allows you to upload your text (of course) but also any images associated with a post.

It’s all markdown oriented: but very easy to learn. Plus very good keyboard shortucts are supplied for bold, italic, etc. for online editing.


Do you know if I can use Alloy outside a Foundry project? I’m mot quite ready for the Foundry rebuild.

You can only use Alloy with Foundry.

Speed up the Foundry rebuild! Or use an alternative and switch over to Alloy when you can.

Either way it’s very useful to start getting used to using markdown. But if you already have Foundry then it seems reasonable to work on a rebuild sooner rather than later.

Alloy uses Foundry’s framework to help keep the pages lightweight and not double up on CSS and javascript and such.

Thought this was the case. Yes, have Foundry and have been meaning to get on to the rebuild. Perhaps now is the time… Thanks for all your comments and help.


@oldgustav Foundry is a joy to use! Just make sure to take advantage of the many videos provided by @Elixir on his website. Sometimes the most important stacks get overlooked by beginners because they seem so mundane, but I suggest these as key starter stacks:

  • Foundry control stack (look at all the options)
  • Container stack
  • Margin stack (hint: could be most important for good mobile design results)

I hope you have fun with it. Several of us do already.

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No one seems to have mentioned @instacks ’ excellent Poster stack? This allows full blogging and more in Foundry & Foundation including a lovely built-in way of creating Blog posts outside of RW with a web interface and Markdown support. @Mathew has done a great tutorial here:

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I was in a similar spot… waiting to do a proper rebuild in Foundry. Instead, in about an afternoon, I rebuilt my entire website using Foundry matching the old design. That way, I got it moved over to a more responsive frame work, but gave myself time to build out the new layout later.

So my suggestion is convert your site to Foundry without the redesign. Then redesign it - (it’s much easier with all your content transferred into Foundry). And you get to start using Alloy sooner. (which rocks by the way.)

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Great idea! Thank you. I’m going to do this.

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Smart idea.

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