Mason for Foundation stack

Hi just downloaded Mason from Elexir and installed it but cannot find it anywhere to put into the foundation folder. It says installed but where?

Mason is a set of pre-built templates that can be used to easily setup more complex layouts for the Foundry framework stacks. Once installed, they should appear in your Stacks’ library in the Templates category.

I don’t understand what you mean by your “foundation folder”. Are you talking about the Foundation framework stacks or something else?

Hi there @helloed –

The Mason templates are for the Foundry freeform framework and cannot be used with Foundation or other frameworks.

Mason includes templates that use Foundry, Potion Pack and Thunder Pack to give you prebuilt sections of content for Foundry pages to help you along with your site build.

When you install them they’ll be added to your main Stacks library as @DLH mentioned. You can find them there by searching for Mason.

There’s a tutorial video on the Mason download page that shows you how to use them. The video even shows the process of finding them in the library. Go give that video a watch: Mason Templates Addon for Foundry

Nothing new to add except if this visual helps a bit:

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