Can't get "Hello, World" demo to work

Having trouble getting the RapidWeaver 8 Quick Tutorial to work, and it’s driving me crazy! Particularly, the Mason stack. Having installed it, and then followed along on the tutorial, I get a “This stack is not currently installed. You need to reinstall to use it.” error. Really infuriating.

MacOS Big Sur (11.2.1)
RapidWeaver 8.7

Silly question, but did you quit/restart RW8 after installing/updating your stacks?

@scareduck Those CTA “things” you see are actually templates that are combinations of stacks. Here’s the key: they are Foundry templates. Each page using the Foundry framework needs to first have the Foundry Control Center stack on the page. That’s what is missing!

Since you presumably have purchased Foundry you can read/view the Foundry tutorials here:


For a minute I was feeling really dumb, but then I went back to check on my RW page setup. I probably should have included the top part of the page. I do have the Foundry stack installed.

Just want to thank everyone who’s responded so far. Answering @nemens upthread, I did indeed restart RW after installing (and have even reinstalled a couple times). This is just baffling.

I don’t remember the details about the Mason stacks. I have all the Foundry “stuff” (Potion pack, etc.) so I suppose it’s possible some of these options you have need an addon that you don’t have. Not sure but @Elixir will know!

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Hi there @scareduck – The Mason templates encompass more than just the base Foundry stacks. The free template pack includes stacks from Foundry, Potion and Thunder. This is noted on the free download page for Mason, as seen here:

Ah, THANK YOU! I was afraid I was missing something.

You can recreate some of the layouts in the free template pack using just Foundry stacks. I simply used the stacks I thought appropriate and that I enjoy using for the tasks at hand.

BUT, why don’t they make it evident that you need to purchase these other stacks when you buy them?

Also, why is it the case that you can only buy one thing at a time? (Or am I missing something?)

The template pack is FREE, there is no purchase necessary for the Mason templates. Also the requirements for the FREE template pack are clearly outlined on the page where you download the FREE template pack… as shown in the screenshot from my previous post.

I assume you’re referring to the cart on my site? If so, this is untrue. You can definitely add multiple items to your cart. Add an item then click the “Keep Shopping” button. Then go add the other item(s) you want to your cart. You can see here that multiple items are easily added to the cart:

Hope that helps.

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